Thursday, March 2, 2023

Things Get Complicated - Sub Umbra Review & Wretched Darkness & Cha'alt Crossover Commentary

 So Sub Umbra came my way from the Red Room & it's a very well done adventure scenario from the Red Room. Sub Umbra is availabe on Geek Emporium right over here. But how does Sub Umbra apply to our current game right over here?!  Quite a bit actually as the grinding occult conspiracies of the module overlap some of the already established themes of our campaign. The T.E.F. of  Agents of  W.R.E.T.C.H fame are already in the mix. 

Cha'alt itself is one of the most heinous places that adventurers can find themselves. We've lost seven adventurer & agents within this campaign. The grinding conspiracies of Sub Umbra all about unlocking occult doors. And several of the occult factions that are in Wretched Darkness are already aware of this. The conspiracies & spiraling adventure elements of Sub Umbra add more layers to the world that we've already established. The Beyond reaches out to the adventurers and calls to them. 

Most folks take Cha'alt to be silly & trite. It's not actualy if you read between the lines. And Sub Umbra is deadly serious taking on an occult conspiracy within Eighties & Nineties Portugal. 
Is it well done?! You bet and it can easily slide into an existing Wretched Darkness campaign as another layer of the world peeling back like an onion. The supernatural is revealed beneath. Sub Umbra does an excellent job of detailing another aspect of a world spiralng out of control. 

Sub Umbra makes an excellent starting point for a Wretchedverse campaign. The conspiracies & the lethality of the campaign book make for an excellent introduction to the world of Wretched Darkness. 

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