Saturday, February 25, 2023

Let's All Go To The Faire - Wretched Darkness & Cha'alt Crossover Session Report One

My players today have been going into the deep end of the Wretchedverse. The year is 86 & the PC's are on the tail of a T.E.F. agent who disappeared in Halsberg New York state. 'The Biggest Little Town You Ever Saw' Halsberg is a part of the recent developments that have sprung up along the Hudson River. There's also the fact that over five agents have disappeared there since the beginning of September. The biggest common denomintor is the fact that each of the agents was cybernetically enhanced. So the agents in question made it the CirqueDiabolique. 

The circus is however merely candy coating. The real issue is actually an 'old friend' of the PC's. And by 'old friend' I mean a black hearted wizard from Cha'alt whose after the agents of the T.E.F. after a recent debacle three months ago. He's cut a deal with the members of the circus troop to lure the fools in. He's sold the other agents from the T.E.F. into slavery on Cha'alt. 
But he wants to do far worse with the PC's! He wants to drop the party into the gullet of his demon clown worm patrons! The party isn't too interested in   the CirqueDiabolique why?! Because the party has two aces up thier sleeves in the form of two Knights of Sanctity (Sanctifiers) .
While the knights do even the odds a little bit here the party didn't count on the Hall of Mirrors leading directly into the wastelands of Cha'alt. 
There was no black magic per say because it was merely a dimensional gate that lead directly into the deep wastelands. The PC's were taken directly from Agents of W.R.E.T.C.H. & then modified with some Cha'alt secrets. The majority of the PC generation for the six players was done from Wretched Darkness. 

Everything went like clockwork until the party landed on Cha'alt and then events went sideways as the agents of T.E.F. made short work of the hover car that was waiting too feed them to the worm! The party of adventurers were far more heavily armed then the wizard anticipated.Chartreuse Shadows provided the underlying vigior to the rest of the adventure with the PC's hiding out with some desert raiders who took them in. The party had to provide security for the desert raiders in exchange for food, new weapons, and equipment. The PC's are now making thier way across the desert to secure transport back home!

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