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The Winter Between Worlds - An OSR Lamentation of the Flame Princess rpg Mini Campaign Setting.

 Today's one of those days where my mind has been racing through endless OSR thoughts. And over that time Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been on the table of my ind. The one of the core things that draws me about LoFP as both a setting & rpg is the core idea of the supernatural not only being fundamentally dangerous but down right imicial to mankind. 

This cover speaks volumes to me as inspiration for designing an adventure or mini campaign setting. How did the clock work mechanism get into the skull? Part of a supernatural disease or the work of a demon? I don't actually own 'Blood' as an adventure anthology. The cover has provided hours of inspiration. And speaking of inspiration the artwork of  Julius von Klever. Julius Sergius von Klever (31 January 1850, Tartu - 24 December 1924, Leningrad) was a Baltic German landscape painter. And his Winter landscapes remind me of an awesome LoFP game that my buddy DM Steve wrote. The events of Death, Frost, Doom were something we had survived. As soon as we exited the adventure location we were not on Earth at all. 

We found ourselves in a 'pike & blackpowder' world in the grip of a Winter that would not let go. This was a world filled to the brime with Winter aspected Fey, hordes of undead, vampires, and twisted versions of folk trying to survive. The deeper into this world we penatrated the more foul sorcery we uncovered. 
Flash frozen villages, vast planes of ice filled with the damned straight outta of Dante, and a world locked in eternal fairtale Winter greeted us at every turn. 
The worst was the abandoned cemetary that streatched for hundreds of miles in all directions. And this necropolis was filled to the brime with undead & tribes of ghouls that feasted on them. 

Forgotten cemetery, 1890 by Julius von Klever

We had to navigate the ghoul tribes & NPC's to book passage back to our own world. And it came with a terrible price. We had to go into one of the villages & take the soul of one of the locals. Well not quite we were able to bargain for the tears of the virgin maiden instead for the ghoul sorcerer. 'Winter Between Worlds' did offer excellent hunting lodges & well stocked larders however. Where the food came from we did ask nor did we want to know.

As near as my occultist was able to figure out before being smuggled out with the party. The Winter Between Worlds is a miniature realm of the Fey. The damned, the lost, and the mad slip into this supernatural world. The elemental planes or paraelemental planes wash up against the unreality of this spot. The ghouls are able to slip in & out because of their connection to the realms of the Dreamlands. 

1d20 Winter Between Worlds Random Encounter Table 

  1. 1d20 Fey pilgrims wandering across the barren landscape.Though they appear harmless they will try to overwhelm adventurers and sacrifice them to some elemental Winter demon. 
  2. A group of six adventurers who will try to become rivals to the PC's. They are actually damned to this Wintery Hell but don't know it. 
  3. Six nuns of various ages that are actually ghouls in disguise that want to eat anyone they come across. AC8 HP 5. These nuns use enchant daggers to slit throats. 
  4. Fey traders who deal in frozen souls & dreams. They will trade poetry for 10 silver pieces with there being a 60% that the silver will turn to ice within 3 days.
  5. 1d6 screaming ghosts who wish to consume the souls of anyone they come across.
  6. 1d10 frozen statues of various villagers who will come to life and attack anyone they come across within 3 rounds. They will freeze victims and turn them into other frozen undead. 
  7. 1d6 giant tundra cats on the move looking for prey. AC6 HD 4 move as a pack & use very cunning tactics. 
  8. 2 black hearted vile wizards astride on the backs of fell beasts. These 5th level wizards want the eyes of anyone the come across to control the deep magicks of their victims souls to sell to horrid Winter demons. 
  9. 3 Fey royals with Fairy routine around them. There is a 20% chance they may reward or enthrall anyone they come across and take them away to the Winter Fey realms. Never to be seen again. 
  10. 4 peasants striding across the frozen landscape as quickly as they can. 
  11. 1d20 black powder mercenary warriors looking for employment. These 2nd level mercenaries are are men of action & they are looking to get into a war between the Fey houses of the Winter Between Worlds. 
  12. A mad 3rd level wizard whose floating across the ground. His feet have become bloody stumps and yet he floats two feet above the ground. He has 3 first level spells and 2 cantrips ready to go! He's mad, bad, and on a rampage ready to go! 
  13. A caravan of a money lender moves slowly across the frozen horizon. He's willing to pay for intel about the Winter Between Realms dimension. But waste his time and his 4 first level fighters will try to chop off your limbs. 
  14. A strange craven hunter is out hunting boar & deer for his family. With some help he will make 2 herbal healing potions for those helping him hunt. 
  15. A bard & his family are looking to trade songs, performances, etc. for knowlege & too act as guides in this world for the PC's. 
  16. A lone adventurer staggers across the landscape and he's dying. He tells one of your PC's about this legend of a vast treasure but the only thing you have to do is listen too his complaining. His long endless complaining rants! 
  17. 2 chefs arguing abou which one is going to go into the cooking pot tonight. They will ignore PC's unless attacked.
  18. 4 ice zombies stagger across the landscape and will attack the nearest PC! 
  19. Two adventurer flash frozen solid & the other is almost completely frozen but the first will attack as a zombie! 
  20. A pack of 1d20 ice zombies attack anyone they across! 

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