Monday, February 6, 2023

Old Mars Campaign Setting , The White Star Rpg, & The Cities Without Number Kickstarter

 Over the years there was a ton of writing that I've done on our Old Mars campaign. And actually quite a few notebooks filled with crossover points with various Public Domain Pulp writers & other resources. Echohawk (fuck you buddy & your thieving blog) decided to take my session reports, random tables, ecologies, campaign notes, & whatnot then convert everything over to the Numenera rpg ?!  WTH? While I don't have a problem with Numenera per say. 

The Numenera rpg doesn't fit the Sword & Planet or more appropriately the Sword & Sorcery asthetic of the 'Old Mars' campaign. So we were using a three part OSR  combination Warrriors of the Red Planet, AS&SH (now the Hyperborea rpg), & the White Star Rpg. We'd switch out to Stars Without Numbers rpg later on or a combination of the two Rpg's as we needed. Magic Pig Media gave us the Space Amazons the precursor race to our Hyperborea rpg Amazon tribes. I've been friends with Charles Thorin for years. 

The Amazons were a major source of contenion among our player's PC's. As the two Amazon PC we had in our party were often having to act as go between between NPC's & the Sisters of the Aquarian Order.
Mars was a major hotspot for Lovecraftian horrors and the point where the Order had gotten into heated battles with serpent men. The serpent men tribes felt that they were the rightful inheritors of our campaign's Mars. 
And these pitched battles became an issue when the PC's ran across thousands of red Martian warriors that had been entombed in the unworld thousands of years ago. This campaign plot point comes from Edgar Rice Burroughs Llana of Gathol. 
 Sisters of the Aquarian Order found the warriors in statis & took over the monestary where the warriors were stored in the tunnels beneath.
This became a major plot point when hordes of Green Martians took over their old haunts. As they had returned from space to their "homeland' after serving in the Stellar Legions for over a thousand years as per their compact with the Galactic empire. 
This isn't Mars ala ERB's Barsoom ( copyrighted & trademarked to the Edgar Rice Burroughs inc. estate) nope this a Mars out around the Tau Ceti system. This Mars had originally been settled by the Serpent People who used one of their 'collapsing wormhole gate systems' to colonize it. This Mars is dying because the air & atmosphere processing stations & systems are breaking down after thousands of years. The Atlantians had found the gateways & transported their genemodified 'red martians' to the Tau Ceti system. Then they brought in their Green Martian warriors and with the destruction of Atlantis. The Green Martians revolted & overran the whole of Old Mars. 
Flash forward a 100,000 years & Old Earth gets buggered. The Hyperboreans begin migrating to Hyperborea bringing their own slave races with them. The Green Plague takes them out. The Lovecraftian races been resettling Old Mars from Hyperborea. 
The Terrans & the Earthmen discover the wormhole gateways then begin mass migrating as refugees trying to escape the 'bugs'. They bring with them both 'dark magick' & Sorcery as the gods of Mars begin to return after the death of the Martian goddess Issus. 
This ushers in the 'infinite Mars' where the old gateways of probability & time begin to reappear across Mars. The Terrans & the Earthmen from these gateways are dimensional pirates. They sport strange alien cybernetics & speak differently. These are the raiders from Kevin Crawford's Cities Without Number Kickstarter. Which I backed! The cybernetic raiders from one universe are ready to take on the colonists of another while a greater threat looms in the background. 

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