Monday, February 13, 2023

Review & Commentary On The Solomons By Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Hostile Rpg

 "The Solomons is an asteroid belt, a Wild West free zone, where multiple corporations, nation states and private groups can establish their own asteroid bases, using them for mining, trade, salvage … you name it. Whilst most of these factions have established colonies or bases on individual asteroids, a number of others have sunk their investment capital into huge orbital habitats. These vast rotating cylinders enclose an-Earth-like biosphere. " 

"In this worldbook you will find write-ups of these rotating space colonies and the largest asteroids. Special consideration is given to Freeport, with its competing factions, each vying to take control of this Las Vegas-like cash cow. There are also hundreds of inhabited asteroids across the Solomons asteroid belt. The list is long: mining stations, corporate bases, trade hubs; salvage bases, top secret research facilities; refuelling stops, and even criminal hideouts!

Your missions here will be incredibly varied. Intra-system traffic is heavy, with shuttles and cargo transports making up the bulk of the work. Just remember, there may be law and order on the large rotating habitats, and on the biggest five of the asteroid colonies. Everywhere else: watch out! Out here, the distances, the remoteness and the opportunities provide the chance for profit. The corporations don’t dominate. And that’s rare. You can make your mark, make a fortune, just watch your back …"

Paul Elliot isn't someone that one usually thinks of one thinks of cut throat Corporate Cyberpunk rpg adventures. Think again. The Solomons are a combination of the high frontier of the classic Eighties Science Fiction film Outland. And  a straight up asteroid filled colonial situation with a sprinkle of cut throat corporate hi jinks thrown in. The Solomons are perfect set of adventure locations for PC's in a Hostile rpg campaign. The Solmons are literally the frontier of the Hostile rpg universe. Coupled with a highly dangerous adventure encounter built in are the perfect venue for roughnecks looking to make a name for themselves. 

You as the DM literally have a twelve page mid tier adventure encounter built into 'The Solomons' and Warpstone is it. Warpstone is a nasty little romp of an adventure & definitely not for the beginning Hostile rpg players. The Solomons bring to the table top a bunch of new toys for the Cepheus & Hostile rpg. We get new factions, new corporate entities, brand new locations, and a whole new adventure wrapped up in an interstellar asteroid colony set of locations. 
Plus 'The Solomons' brings brings the high stakes world of corporate intrigue into a venue where the whole thing can shift right into 'survival horror mode' quite easily. And it's this constant play on venues that really brings home the quality of Hostile with new adventure locations, all the while taking full advantage of the rpg system itself. 
'The Solomons' are perfectly matched to a tee with Hostile Roughnecks in mind. The Solomon asteroids are the perfect venue for the instellar miners to get their hands dirty within the playground of the 'Solomons'. Adventure & horror are the perfect mix for these miners of the stars within the Solomons. 

How does 'The Solmons' stack up with the rest of the Hostile rpg catalog?! Pretty solidly actually. 'The Solomons' stacks up quite niclely with the Hostile universe. And these adventure locations that we've been given have a solid quailty, and rpg adventure consistency to them. And Hostile rpg products work very well together. And this is seen within 'The Solmons' as an rpg product itself. And another reason why I can see the Solomons as an another essential book for the Hostile rpg. Why!? Because of the fact that the Solomons are poised to explode in an interstellar war flash point for the Hostile universe. 
And this along with a ton of adventure hooks has the potential in the making of focusing 'The Solomons' into a campaign focus point. Five dollars for a forty page quality sourcebook is a no brainer!

 The Solomons By Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Hostile Rpg Is Available Here 

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