Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Assassin War On Old Mars - Old Mars Mini Campaign Set Up - Hyperborea Rpg & Warriors of the Red Planet

 The Assassins War is about to heat up on 'Old Mars' as a copy of the infamous the Vulth' russ or its translated title 'the black tongue of knowledge'. One of the branches of the Jrosu'rau has a death contract to get it for one of the serpent men temples deep in the jungles of the Drooth swamp lands near the ice poles. 

The PC's have been contacted by one of the Morlock priests about the where abouts of the book. Old Earth transported thousands of Morlock & Eloi engineers, workers, etc to Mars to help with the underworks on the planet. The Morlocks have an underground nation with an above pleasure city where the colonists can blow off steam with the Eloi pleasure slaves. 
However the Morlocks use their Eloi as spies, and their eyes across 'Old Mars'. 
However the reappearance of the  the Vulth' russ may signal the end of one Martian cycle & the beginning of the reappearance of the 'children of the Old Ones'. The Morlocks fear this will upset the delicate balance of 'Old Mars'. 
And already hundreds of Eloi workers & pleasure slaves have gone missing. They fear that these events are related. And in the shadows of Mars guild assassins have started a Shadow War with 
 the Jrosu'rau. 

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