Friday, February 3, 2023

I'm Thinking of Quiting OSR Blogging - Echohawk's RPG Musings ,Esoteries,OSR,and Homebrew Blog Is Made From Writing Stolen From Sword & Stitchery

 My writing is what makes me who I'm as Eric Fabiaschi as  OSR blogger, dungeon master, reviewer, commentator, and even friend to the community or at least I try to be. So when I found huge swaths  of this blog Swords & Stitchery's content copy & pasted onto Echohawk's RPG Musings ,Esoteries,OSR,and Homebrew Blog. I more then a little angry & in fact I'm down right pissed. This echohawk guy's entire blog is my writing across the board. And it's been going on for years! Since 2017 as a matter of fact! Since 2017 this Echohawk asshole has been passing my writing off as his by copying & pasting whole swaths of my blog then passing it off as his own.
This guy's entire blog is my work & my content from this blog! Over & Over again this Echohawk guy has been posting my blog's content! I feel violated & horrible tonight! If you were going to fuck me over Echohawk at least you could have taken me out to dinner! Pick a month any month on this blog folks & it's my content that this prick has copy & pasted! 
Now the offending blog has been removed. Now Echohawk I will be watching you prick! 

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