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Free Download Review & Commentary - S9: Ransom of the Riverboat Queen By RC Pinnell For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition

 "With the slavers of the Pomarj defeated, the weary adventurers are left little time to rest when they receive a message from one of the nobles of the land begging them to come to her aid. This adventure is created to be a link between the TSR Slavers and Giants adventure-modules (A1-4 and G1-3), and is designed for characters of levels 5th through 9th, using either pre-existing characters or the pre-generated ones contained within. Part 2, S10: Rescue on the Jotens, is available for download here"

 S9: Ransom of the Riverboat Queen By RC Pinnell is a fifth level thru nineth level adventure. And S9 was written as a stop  gap adventure 
between the TSR Slavers and Giants adventure-modules (A1-4 and G1-3). And S9 takes the PC's deep into the world of the lesser criminal elements of these prior adventures;"Having defeated the slavers of the Pomarj, the armies of the ruling nobles swept across the land, chasing the lesser outlaws and their minions deep into the wilderness beyond the boundaries of civilization; capturing and executing those that could not get away. And now with the slavers more or less eradicated, the council of high lords can recall their troops, regroup, and turn their attention to the needs and peace of their citizenry But outside of the Slavers’ circle were others, less known and not entirely evil, that only interacted with the slavers for their own profits. Such persons were not part of the official organization. Those unknown to the council of nobles were able to cease their activities and lay-low, hiding in hope that the ire of the ruling authorities would eventually subside. Nalia DuBose, known locally in the criminal world as the Riverboat Queen, is one such person. Neither evil for evil’s sake or good for the sake of others, Nalia is the leader of a large band of river buccaneers that has remained unnoticed by the nobles of the land. As she and her crews rarely use physical force during their raids, and have never knowingly transported abducted persons or slaves, their operation has not attracted the interest of the authorities. Until now." 

S9: Ransom of the Riverboat Queen By RC Pinnell does it is put the PCs right into the middle of the aftermath of the Slavers & Giants series with the river boat queen herself. In sixteen pages we get the PC's deeply involved in the adventure plot; "To avoid the authorities that might be investigating her little corner of the world, Nalia took half her crew and left the safety of her River Keep, sailing along the coast to her secondary domicile on a small isle; part of the bank islands south of Keoland. There she has remained for a year, waiting for word to be sent from her companion and second in command, informing her that it is safe to return. But being out of touch with her network of eyes and ears, she is unaware of the changes that have taken place in her organization. Nor that her most trusted companion is involved." S9 is excellent for getting the PC's into the underworld of the river piracy adventure background gig. This works well with thieves guilds tied PC's, criminal elements, and even clerics. 

S9 is a solid module to use with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition, or OSRIC or even perhaps Castles & Crusades for something different that can bridge the adventure gap. S9 also works as a module that takes advantage of vintage Greyhawk. This being said S9 also works as a possible adventure take up with the Hyperborea Rpg. This goes back to something we had talked about back in 2020 with the Giants series & the second edition AS&SH rpg here. 

S9: Ransom of the Riverboat Queen By RC Pinnell worth the free download?! In my  humble opinion yes it is because it provides a number of options for the players & the DM. One S9 is a great framework to use in the aftermath of the both the Giant Series & Slavers. Two it fills in some of the power gaps that both modules leave. And it gets the PC's deeply involved for the next adventure set up. We'll get into that installment next time. 

S9: Ransom of the Riverboat Queen By RC Pinnell For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition  Is Available Right Here. 

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