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1d20 Sword & Sorcery Treasures of Nodens Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 Where treads the Elder God Nodens in his wake the Old One's servants fear & though he is the lord of the Abyss his blessings & treasures are few or precious. However in the fringe place & the far off places of the hideous Abyss there are artifacts & strange trophies the 'lord of the lost & the hunt has gathered. 

During the Thurian Age few if any of Nodens relics, treasures, or even the Lord of the Hunt's trophies are known too the average adventurer. The priests of Nodens however will pay handsomely for one of these relics of a by gone age. 
Horror and the unknown or the strange are always closely connected so that it is hard to create a convincing picture of shattered natural law or cosmic alienage or 'outsideness' without laying stress on the emotion of fear.
HP Lovecraft 

1d20  Sword & Sorcery Treasures of Nodens Table For Your Old School Campaigns 

  1.  The horn of Nodens - This bejeweled hunting horn made from some prehistoric sea creature causes fear in any who hear its deep wailing moan when blown. The horn is worth five hundred silver talens to the right cult once per day it may call down a nightgaunt. 
  2. Dagger of the Nightgaunt- This wickedly carved +3 knife is made from the wicked claw of some unknown alien horror & can deliver a wicked wound that will not stop bleeding. Worth 300 on the open market as curiousity. It is worth 600 silver talens to a cult of Nodens. 
  3. The preserved liver of a criminal - Nodens himself has taken the liver some offender of his cult and preserved the liver of the fool in brine wrapped in a silver & glass jar. This jar of a preserved organ can once a day expunge any poison from the user of this jar. The relic is precious to a cult of Nodens. 
  4. Lesser Trident of Nodens This is one of many such hunting tridants that the Lord of the Abyss has used and lost on one of his many hunts. This tridant can hit any spirit or even god for +1 damage including ghosts or spirits of the lost. Once per day this tridant can cast a banish spell banishing a lesser Lovecraftian minion back to it's home plane. The tridant is worth 400 silver talens but double that to a cult of Nodens. 
  5. Spittle of the Lost - This is Nightgaunt spit and gruel which can act as compass for anyone or anything lost. The spit must have a silver needle hung in it and a simple ritual is cast. The needle will point in the dirction of the target which the owner or user of the spit must concentrate on. Worth 200 silver talens. 
  6. Shell of Nodens - This shell belongs to an extinct prehistoric sea creature from milllions of years ago. The owner may cast contact Nodens once a day & can whisper the location of one they want hunted & taken by the Lord of the Abyss. He will do so taking the target to some remote corner of the planes never to be seen again. 
  7. Collar of the Hunt - This bejeweled collar belongs to one of the myriad of fabulous alien hunting animals that accompany the Lord of the Abyss. Once per day the owner of the collar can call a hunter of Nodens. Within 4 rounds the alien hunting animal will appear. The owner must command it to hunt down a worthy target. The collar is worth 300 silver talens. 
  8. The Faceless Mask - This mask mimics the appearance of one of Nodens nightguants and allows communication with Noden's alien hunters. The owner will get the most basic of needs of the nightguant such as hunger, loss, or any strong nightguant responses. The true power of the maske allows the owner to call and command 2d6 nightgaunts once per day. The mask is worth a cool 5oo silver talens. 
  9. The Call of Nodens- This strange mirror like relic is actually the silidified tears of one of the Elder Gods. Once per week the relic mirror allows a communicate with god spell to be cast. The mirror is jewel for any cult of Nodens and fetches 9oo silver talens. 
  10. Staff of Nodens - This ornately carved staff features dolphins,night guants, bats, and many other strange creatures. This staff resembles the life history of the gray god and is able to cast the following spells: Blink, hold person, invisibility, fire ball, and Feary fire. The staff can also cast banish three times per day. And it is worth 600 silver talens. 
  11. Hair of the Lord - This strange dried herb allows the owner to commune with the Lord of the Abyss five times every week when burnt. Worth 100 silver talens this material only grows in a few places out among the planes. 
  12. The Sword of Rowin - This sword was sacred to Rowin one of the sons of Noden. The sword is +3 too all creatures of the infinite layers of the true Abyss. The sword can instantly act as a scrye spell once per day and cast prophesy twice per week. 
  13. Spheres of Noden - These spheres are all that are left after the true lord of Kadath is banished. They can be used to banish any Lovecraftian creatures once per day to elsewhere. Roll 1d6 to see how many are found. Worth 400 silver talens. 
  14. Shell of the Home & Hearth - This prehistoric shell allows one once per day to teleport without error back to their home & hearth. The shell is merely worth 700 silver talens. 
  15. Scroll of Nodens - This summoning spell must be used almost when found & allows direct cummunications with Nodens himself once per week. The scroll is inscribed with Nodens secret ancient name. Each temple of Nodens will pay 600 silver talens for the scroll. 
  16. Coin of Nodens - This coin when placed within the mouth of the dead allows the Lord of the Abyss to pick up his faithful's soul and ferry it to their rewards. The coin is worth 4oo silver talens to a cult of Nodens. 
  17. Whistle of Nodens- This strange looking whistle will cause fear as per the spell in any Lovecraft creature. The whistle also causes any who hears it to run in panic. Worth about 200 silver talens. 
  18. Noden's arrow of slaying this arrow is physical manifestation of Noden's wraith. And can inflict 1d8 points of damage when it strike's a target. Worth 200 silver talens. 
  19. Nodens dust - This sack of strange dust allows one to turn invisible for making it easier for the owner to hunt down Nodens enemies. Last as long as the owner needs it too. Worth 200 silver talll
  20. Spell book of Nodens - This spell book contains the collected wisdom of the cults of Nodens. The book allows the memorization of the school of Nodens without limit. Worth 700 silver talens and there's a 60% chance of a random spell appearing within it's pages. 

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