Sunday, February 26, 2023

Review & Commentary On The Free Cepheus Journal – Issue #013 For The Cepheus Engine Rpg & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's

 Cepheus Journal – Issue #013 is a mini Cepheus Engine supplement unto itself & I don't say this lightly. From a fantastic A.I. cover to a really silly comic strip there's a bit of something for everyone. This issue's premise is interesting; "Welcome to our 13:th issue. The theme for this issue was supposed to be bad luck. That is why there is a crashed spaceship on our cover. But we didn’t get any submissions on that topic. Some of the adventures posted may include some bad luck. But that is up to the referee to determine.

But we do have a bunch of other interesting stuff and also some AI experiments (including one silly comic). We hope that you will enjoy it."  From the Editors with Paul Drye/Brett Kruger recounts the OGL fiasco with Cowards of the Coast from the Cepheus Engine's Rpg perspective & it's a well thoughtout take on the subject. Ricardo Emilio goes into one of the most over looked aspects of the Cepheus Engine & Traveller rpg takes with his "Food Syntheszers" article & it's a good addition to the discussion. Andrew Boswell comes in with a solid introduction to his take on Paul Elliot's 'Kosmo 68" campaign. And this is an article I wish I'd had last night. Then Joseph Mohr comes in with his 'Snowball's Chance In Hell' which the cover of this issue take on. P-O Bergstedt + AI's comes across with his Torvald the Space Viking & the silliness occurs big time. We get another round of "Raiders Lament Part 7" by Jo Jaquinta. 

Paul Drye brings up the heat with "A Tetrad of Monsters" a ton of Pulp &
mythological monsters for your 2d6 fantasy rpg's & these are worth the
 price of admission alone! Here we've got a whole plethora of monsters 
for 2d6 fantasy rpging. So here's where Sword of Cepheus, Barbaric, & 
the others get new fodder. 
This isn't the end of the 2d6 fantasy fodder as we get brand new adventure
seed with Max & Elsa by P-O Bergstedt + AI. 

Timothy Collinson + AI are responsible for the  The Sapphire Sea adventure
 seed for the Cepheus Engine rpg. Again this is a well done little encounter 

& I understand that the Chatbot A.I.'s are controversial but this is solid little 

adventure seed. Finally we get a new 100 ton Frontier trader from
 Ricardo Emilio, a long range courier, & finally an inter system ten ton ship.
 I've got acual use for these ships
 with the Earth & Clement sector Rpg. Finally we get a 'What's New'
which goes into a ton of new Cepheus Engine rpg products. 

Cepheus Journal – Issue #013 is a solid addition to the already core market of 
Cepheus Engine rpg products (long may they continue) and is a must for any
old school 2d6 DM who loves new & optional material for the Cepheus Engine rpg family of games! Grab Cepheus Journal past issues right over here. 

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