Saturday, February 4, 2023

Continuing OSR blogging & The Post Apocalpytic Mars Campaign

 First of all, fuck Echohawk & his thieving blog. I'm going to be moving forward with this blog for the moment until I can find another blog page  too support Swords & Stitchery blog. For the moment, the Echohawk situation is put to rest. And over the day I got together with various friends & cohorts. We spoke at length about the situation. The general consesus was to keep blogging. 
However the take away was the fact that some of my blog's deep commentary was on my Mars campaign. The Mars campaign was post apocalyptic game that used Night Owl Workshop Warriors of the Red Planet.  & Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers rpg. And reading through the old blog posts the question came up in my mind.

Could Warriors of the Red Planet.  & the new Hyperborea rpg support a new post apocalpytic Mar campaign?! Short answer is that I believe so. Our Mars wasn't the Mars of our solar system instead it was a dying alien world around Alpha Centuri. The planet was originally colonized by a race of Lovecraftian serpent men. We crossed our campaign over with Adventurer,Conqueror, King 's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu™ (BCK) & this was the step up for the PC's to confront the Terrans from BCK. The Terrans were actually running from the Bugs from Colonial Troopers rpg. 

And the bugs kept getting really dangerous to the player's PC's interests. And eventually we brought in Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks.  Our players eventually encountered some of the more dangerous bugs & the alien insectoid masters who were behind the scenes. These masters were directly from the ACK's product line. Eventually we brought our group over into Cha'alt & things progressed fairly quickly. But there are several threads within this campaign that were left unresolved. Such as did the Terrans know about the on coming interstellar bug swarm?
Did the Terrans fleeing before the Swarm drop bread crumbs to the PC's to get the alien & human race deeply involved in the interstellar war?! 
The players never trusted the Terrans & thought there might be time & planar travel plots involved. 
This campaign eventually led me into the Cepheus Engine rpg along with a  rediscovery of both the 2d6 system & the Swords & Wizardry system. 


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