Saturday, February 25, 2023

A Plea For Help - Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Session Report The Journey Begins

 The players were in for something a bit special as they slept two years until they got to "The Autonomous Region" & then were taken aboard the Porter Space Station. The player's PC's were confronted by Allard Electronics 7 tigers mercenary internal security agents. And the players were also met 'Sonny'  Soveli head of operations for Green/Red bratva & his psion asistant  Harri. 'Sonny' Soveli begged the PC's to transport weapons, ammo, & provisions to the local UGS near the system's front lines. 

The PC's are going to have the Tigers along for security. The job pays very well however  & the Allard Electronics has been briefed on the Zukhi. The PC's have some idea of the threat that these aliens represent. The PC's were briefed on the alien threat. The USSP is aware of the smugglers & because of certain 'payments' were made is allowing the cargo to go through. The risk here is that the player's PC's could end up in 'Re - Education resort' 

What the players are not aware is the fact that they'll be picking up a psion for passage back into  "The Autonomous Region"  The Soviets are the only human faction that has psions within our Hostile rpg campaign.Contracts & Waivers were signed by the PC's. And 'Sonny' Soveli assured the PC's that there are significant opportunities for work & money making opportunities. 

The PC's went into hypersleep after the cargoes were loaded, inspected, and double inspected. The PC's hacker who had recently recovered from a series of cybernetic implantations. This came as a result of a shot gun blast to mid section. She was extremely skeptical of these cargos. And had her own eyes on all of them. There was also the fact that she was creepied out by Harri. The very idea of psionics was both foreign and yet familar to her. Psionic bio drugs & implants  are beyond cutting edge for her employers. While internal documents speculate they are not beyond the theory stage. 
The game ended with the USS Ben Franklin setting off on her journey! 

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