Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Blackguard Become The Hunted! - Hostile Session Report - Using T2000 v2 Twilight Nightmares From Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) & HOSTILE Situation Report 006 - Hunted

 During tonight's Hostile rpg mini campaign one shot the Blackguard were on Tau Ceti runnig operations against a Chinese caravan. When two of the PC's mercs were suddenly attacked by an unseen alien hunter. The player characters were knocked to the ground as a unseen alien slaughtered the Chinese soldiers to a man. This is not the PC's first encounter with an unseen alien hunter on Tau Ceti in the middle of one of the interstellar brush fire wars.The PC's faced down one of these unseen hunters on Earth's in Allard Electronics proving grounds back a couple of months ago. 

This time they retreated from the area & brought up classified documents after our group's commander DM Paul thought about the skinned corpses that turned up at the battle site. the party's first encounter came straight out of T2000 v2 Twilight Nightmares From Game Designers' Workshop (GDW). And ended with marines command shutting down the area after a horrific explosion turned 2 miles of Arizona scrub land to desert glass. 
Tonight's encounter ended with the PC's leaving valuable weapons & ammo behind. And simply walking back to base to thwart the alien hunter. 
The encounter in tonight's game was significantly different as the PC's discovered when they came face to face with the scene of a group of Grays that had been slaughtered. Yet there was no saucer nor evidence of other conveyance. Tonight's alien hunter was slightly different the last one encounter because tonight we were using HOSTILE Situation Report 006 - Hunted
The player's PC's have had zero contact with the Greys. The Blackguard as a whole have though the interacts with the colonial scouting mission through the Taunhauster's Gate campaign two or so months ago. 
What I did some months ago was to run T2000 v2 Twilight Nightmares From Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) twice. Once in a desert enviroment on Earth in Arizona & then in South America. The players were completely unaware of this. 
This allowed me to save a ton of time when it came to prep work.  HOSTILE Situation Report 006 - Hunted worked better with updated rules & more. The feeling in tonight's game was paranoia pure & simple with a ton of Predator two & Lethal Weapon qoutes being spoutted at the table top. The PC's are now using fly overs and such to try to spot the aliens. No such luck.  More to come! 

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