Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Weta-rex Swarm Adapted From King Kong ( 2006) For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaigns

 Deinacrida rex or Weta-rex, are a major mutated specialist predator & scavenger of the highest order. These prehistoric like highly specially evolved crickets are capable of ripping off limbs & major appendages of animals & men easily. The over evolved crickets grow to over meter long with large meat slicing jaws & operate in large pack tactic using swarms. These swarms use clicking,scent trails, and pack tactics to take down even small dinosaurs or even the odd Kaiju. Even armed parties of men are little issue for the weta-rex swarms. 

Weta-Rex are the terror of many a ship wrecked or starship crewmen. These pests travel on oversized kaiju & have hitched rides across the cosmos. The serpent men also used these highly dangerous predators to protect their temple fortresses for ages. 
Weta rex usually prefer damp & wet environs to lay their eggs which hatch within 1d6 days. The Weta Rex is able to after two hours of drying it's carpace go on the hunt & will be attracted to it's own individual swarm. Swarms of weta rex can & do easily evolve to their indevidual evironments. These horrors have been found on desert planets, exo Earths, and even the occassional abandoned starship's hold. 

Weta rex are considered vermin by ninety percent of alien races. Big Ass Reptiles are the exception and often feed on these horrors eating entire swarms in one sitting. 
Weta rex are excellent hunters & operate with both dark vision & highly sensitive anntenna in total darkness easily. Swarms often send out scouts to hunt down potential prey targets. These scouts sent out scent trails & are able to summon the swarm with a series of high pitched clicks in code. The swarm will arrive within 1d6 turns easily overcoming targets many times their size. 

Weta-rex shade carpaces every 30 days or so depending upon prey availabilty. If prey is unavailable the swarm may turn on it's weakest members. And this process will continue until only a fertilized female remains. She will lay eggs for the next swarm which will hatch within 1d6 months or if in a desert enviroment may be 2d6 years.Swarms of Weta-rex often hitch rides on kaiju to find new hunting grounds. They often entire hiberation cycles when finding new hunting ground. 
Weta rex are most dangerous when they come out of a hibernation cycle. The swarm will seek out any fresh meta or prey after emerging from such a cycle under cover of darkness. Weta-rex will then go on a feeding frenzy overwhelming prey and stripping anyone they come across down to the bone. 

'The Weta-rex Swarm

#appearing 3d6

5/10, Move 13m, Armor 2, Claw (melee 1d damage) Bite (melee 2D damage), , Survival 1,  Combat 3, Melee 2 . Dark Vision, Pack Tactics, Nasty Bite the monster gains +1 on bite damage, Summon Swarm - Can summon the Swarm in 1d6 rounds if they find prey, Hiberation Cycle, Voracious Hunger - Weta-Rex become incredibly hungry & must stop to eat any prey+2 to all damage. Drawbacks -Hunger Over Survival-  Weta-Rex are not smart at all and can be lured into situations to be killed by promises of fresh prey & meat. 

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