Thursday, February 16, 2023

T1 The Evil of the Moat House - Looking At Lion & Dragon & Adventurer, Conqeuror, King's By This Axe


So we're going to pick it right up from here on the Lion & Dragon: Medieval Authentic OSR Roleplaying By RPG Pundit. And this post here from a couple of weeks ago on the blog.  And incorporate a few ideas from last night's T1 Village of Hommlet blog post here.  Let's just forget Greyhawk for a second & imagine for a moment that we've got a Dark Europe here with Dwarves,Elves, etc. Screw Cowards of the Coast from now on. 

Now imagine that Dwarves are real and they've been around since the time of the very beginning of the world. They've watched mankind rise and fall again then the cycle start again. The Dwarves have been there since before the Floods & the fall of Atlantis. And their still in the Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg game version of Lion & Dragon. They have colonies within the the North Pennines & Cumbria etc. in England.

They have withdrawn from mankind but occassionally act through human agents to sell their ores and wares. They do this all along the Silk Road discussed within  Sword & Caravan. Here we have a similar situation with the Elves. And then the ACK's dynamic changes because we see that Elves, Dwarves, etc. are acting through human agents. Kings & Queens are still seek these Elder Races out because of the magical qualities of their ore. Axioms Issue 17: Ore Never Changes goes into exactly what this does to a campaign.


And these ores have  been sought by Roman generals, Persian princes, etc. the lines are endless. Hence another reason why the Elder Races have withdrawn. But the spectre of war never changes & the effects on weaponry is explored in issue Axioms Issue 20: of Arms and Armor.

And while the spectre of war is looming all of Europe is not even aware of the greater threat looming within the Black Forrest of Germany. And that threat is evident by the Moathouse of T1. Europe has forgotten the cult of Elemental Evil which sent the whole of Europe burning ages ago. Humanity has a very fickle brain. And before that it was the Froggy cult which might still be out there. 

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