Sunday, February 5, 2023

Ghosts From The Abyss - Hostile Rpg Session Report

 Abyss is one of those worlds that cries out for far more attention from our group of players. So tonight I got the guys involved in a bit of pirate action. A minor mining concern had the Blackguard doing a bit of guard duty out on the deep mining activity they were performing. 

The Blackguard were not expecting much action. What they got was piracy of the highest order as a rival pirate gang's sub pulled up to a spot about ten miles away. The group's hacker if you'll recall is on the mend after taking a shot gun blast to the chest in body armor. She's had cybernetic replacement surgery last game. 
The submarine war on Abyss has been heating up. And now the minor clans are getting beaten down by the larger corporations. Big fish eating little fish as it was. 
That changed tonight as the group came face to face with a number of divers on underwater sleds armed with spear guns and mini subs. 
The party wasn't expecting to meet this kinda of force and when underwater drones were deployed things got even hairier. The party took some blows but they were able to eltricify the hulls of one of the rigs to shock their invaders. 
Underwater drones came straight outta DC-1 DarkTek from the Dark Conspiracy rpg. The book has been with me since the 90's. The serious retro technological vibe of Dark Tek easily fits Hostile in spades. 
Was the party expecting the drones no. Were they preparred Hell no! 

The wildlife of Abyss is another factor as the party dispurted some really nasty alien dinosaurs that ruined both the party's day & the pirates. We ended here tonight where the pirates & the party are having to contend with the local wild life

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