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Review & Commentary On EPIC! By Silvia Clemente For Wretched Space & The Cha'alt Rpg - Bonus 1d20 Space Brothel Finds Table For Your Old School Games

 "EPIC! is Silvia Clemente 's entry to Darrick Dishaw's Cha'alt Game Jam:

"In the Adityan homeworld, The Cronos, an ancient power source, has awakened and disrupted from its slumber by events taking place far away on the remote desert planet Cha'alt. The Cronos will drag its Adityan Guards all the way across the galaxy and into the path of a group of scoundrels forcefully recruited to police the ass of the Galaxy - also known as the Outer Rim - as part of the Wretched Legion. Neither Adityans nor Legionaries are interested or prepared to save the Galaxy. First and foremost, they must survive the threats and treachery of Theta Blue, the most infamous space station in the system.

" This Wretched Space scenario was written for the Cha'alt Game Jam and it is the first episode for Wretched Cha'alt, a series of adventures mixing the two universes. EPIC! is inspired by Alpha Blue, and takes place mainly in Theta Blue, a wretched knock-off of the famous space brothel."
So Epic is a 
 Silvia Clemente adventure & her introduction to the Cha'alt universe. And it has all of the hallmarks of one of the Red Room's supplements or adventures. Tough as nails editing & content. Solid presentation and an attention to plot details. There are some twists & turns that can easily be added into an ongoing  Chartreuse Shadows game easily.  Silvia Clemente once again shows her hand at adventure design defly handling Cha'alt with her own spin on the Wretched Legion, and the factions that crop up in Epic. Epic clocks in at a hundred pages of intergalactic sleaze. Man this out Venger's Venger in places. 

EPIC! brings several things to the table top an adventure with that wretchverse interstellar action & the traditional Satanis weirdness that we've come to expect out  the Red Room. Are the encounters balanced?! Nope, EPIC! offers no safe harbor for PCs in this universe of sleaze. Instead we get factions at each other's throats capable of ripping apart your PC's. The quality is there in EPIC! & for an experienced group of Cha'alt or Wretchedverse adventurers this would be an excellent mid level adventure. 

Random 1d20 Space Brothel
Finds Table For Your School Games
  1. Tweleve weird stockings, made of multi nylonlike materials for a tentacled appendaged alien. Actually offers 1/2 damage protection because of space age materials. 
  2. A strange appliance like device of smooth weird design, this is actually a stunner capable of knocking down a full bull ronator for 1d6 point of stunning damage at a range of 29 meters
  3. Random boots, clothing, and other sundries including 40 credits worth of change. The whole outfit is actually the remains of someone whose now powdered after being level drained completely & utterly. 
  4. Two tickets to the robo & mech battle arena unused. 
  5. A fine slick slime on the floor, this stuff is actually Intergalactic Slick & Smooth able to cause -3 to all Dexterity checks. The stuff will flow into any open container that is presented. Is it alive?! Who knows. 
  6. Cool looking  blaster belt & holster but where's the owner?! 
  7. Holographic photo actually telepathic pornography capable of becoming a mematic plague if shown to another telepathic sentience -3 to all Wisdom checks until healed with a 'Remove Curse' ritual 
  8. Intergalatic ticket to the Blue Haze brothel, this ticket will interdimensionally teleport the first sentient handling the document to said brothel. 
  9. Red Lighter with the words 'Blaze' on the side. This lighter actually houses a fire elemental within who will serve it's  owner for 1d6 days and then disappear in a blaze of elemental power. 
  10. Strange gloves of inhuman design that actually don't fit any known humanoid or alien design. These aren't actually gloves but instead they are the arms of an unknown alien from The Beyond. 
  11. Here's a lump of some unknown purple flesh that will try to eat any human or humanoid species that it comes across. The thing will begin to grow into a larger 1d6 meter purple blob after every meal. 
  12. A twelve meter plastoid disk that actually acts as a sonic attack against any humanoid that hears it. The disk will spin in the air and begin wailing heavily & damage ear organs for 1d4 points of damage. 
  13. A strange looking metallic plug like device with a crystal on one end. This is actually an alien language translator that will translate any language the owner hears. 
  14. Random alien clothing that will attack & try to eat the finder. Counts as a blob like monster
  15. 1d6 random vials of liquid that are scattered around these are actually potions of agony & pleasure. But for alien metabolisms there is a 20% chance of a character exploding after drinking these. Save vs wands or potions to avoid. 
  16. Staff of orge summoning that will call 1d6 sex starved orges. 1d3 charges left when found. 
  17. Body sized condom filled with weird fluids tied shut. 
  18. Pleasure bot damaged & begging for repair work. Worth 20oo credits if fixed and with a reward of an additional 1000 credits if returned to the rightful owner. 
  19. Alien wallet belonging to a Federation senator that contains top secret clearance codes. 
  20. Node containing a space herpes alien lifeform will hatch within 1d6 rounds of handling. 

This whole review & table is copyrighted to Dark Corner Productions. Fuck you Echohawk! 

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