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1d20 Random Sword & Sorcery Pict Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

 Down from the ages between the fall of Atlantis & the rise of the sons of Arenus there was another age. The age of the Picts when the Pict tribal nations arose to challenge the survivors of Atlantis. These Picts are not the ancestors of the American Indians nor are they the pre Celt peoples. These Picts  originated on "islands far out on the Western ocean" & spread across the Thurian Age countries. The Pict race was destroyed during the cycles of destruction during the Great Cataclysm.

Adventurers who run across the Picts or their warriors are in for a hard time. Pictish war parties will fight to take out any forgieners or as they see them as 'invaders'. The Picts are stout warriors who use ambush tactics or even dark sorcery to take out larger parties. The average war party will consist of 1st or 2nd to level fighters consisting of five to seven warriors with a witch doctor or black priest as the war party leader. 

1d20 Random Sword & Sorcery Pict Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign 

  1. A group of 1d6 Pict head hunters looking to take heads & it looks like you as well as your party is on the list!
  2. 3rd level witch doctor looking to gather souls for his demonic god masters. 
  3. Four 4th level warriors taking a small treasure load to their tribal archives. See treasure lists
  4. Ten Pict raiders on their way to raid anyone they come across. 
  5. A terrible Pict black wizard 9th level with her 5th level Pict warrior escort looking to start tribal trouble 
  6. 5 Pict warriors armed with crossbows taken from recent Colonial soldiers. 
  7. Three Atlantian prisoners being taken to a nearby village by 5 Pict warriors of 4th level to be beheaded. 
  8. 6 Picts hedge wizards looking to start trouble with anyone they come across. One of them has the 'call storm' spell memorized. 
  9. A family who survived a Pict raid is fleeing from 1d12 Pictish warriors who are hunting them. They are looking for help with these Picts & will pay 1d100 gold pieces. 
  10. Three woad painted warriors of 6th level armed with broad swords & shields looking to take heads & trophies. Very high on local plants & looking for victims! 
  11. An ancient Pictish crone lich 12th level is flying towards a local village to raid and she is also looking to consume the souls of anyone she comes across. She has a spell book in the form of a human skin scroll. 
  12.  A young Pictish warrior who is actually a local guid looking for clients & very knowledgable about the various tribes. 
  13. A wounded man whose slowly bleeding out. Actually the tribal chief of one of the minor Pict nations who will be gratiful to anyone who heals him. 5 level 4 warriors however will have a blood debt against the PC's. 
  14. A bounty hunter Pictish warrior 5th level armed with spears, shield, and short bow with arrows. He is looking for 6 oath breakers from a local tribe who murdered the local chief's son. 
  15. A Pictish monster hunter 7th level is looking to take out a local demon and needs help. Will pay 60 silver pieces. 
  16. Here's a local Pictish princess who is on the run from her husband's brother's who murdered him & now want her head. 
  17. Three large gold bars seemingly have been dropped by a Pictish warrior. In actuality these are three double hit dice gold bugs ( see Fiend Folio for stats). 
  18. A young Pictish warrior who will try to befriend the PC's because he's on the run from his brothers after they murdered his brother in law. He needs help & will pay 100 silver talens for your help. The brothers will have a blood debt against the PC's. 
  19. A tribes of Pictish locals need help with a deadly demon & his 10 level black sorcerer master. The tribes will adopt the PC's and help them to survive against the threat of the black sorcerer. And pay the PC's 300 silver talens for their help. 
  20. A group of 6 warriors are on the run from a horrid jungle giant who wants their heads! They beg the PC's to help them against this cannibal giant! 

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