Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Legion of Gold Shows Itelf -GW1 Legion of Gold By Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, & Paul Reiche III For Our Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Campaign

 So let's pick up where we last left off & the player's PC's have gotten done shopping in the second hands goods market. We're going to pick up using  Michael Brown's Afterday filling in for our failed colony that we'll be visting in the Hostile end of the campaign. 

The players are aware that something is amiss but not what?!? The colony of Terra was established as a long shot colony during Hostile's first Great Recession brought on by the creation of the first drives; "After the creation of an interstellar drive, a scramble for the stars ensued as mining and oil drilling companies desperately sought out resources that they could supply to Earth – thereby skirting Reiner-Gama’s near monopoly within the Solar System. Within thirty years there were twenty fl ourishing colonies within 4 parsecs of Earth and dozens of small outposts and mining installations."
Afterday gives stats and new PC generation for the Cepheus Engine rpg and these are going to be our surviving colonists. And the reason for the colony's collapse is going to be the terraforming engines shutting down after the cut off from Earth. The Soviets came in and claimed Terra without a single drop of blood being shed. However with the Zhuki invasion events have dropped to the post apocalyptic levels again. And the machine intelligences on the planet are taking full advantage. The Soviet criminal cartels want to preserve the Terra colony at any cost. And hence why the Ben Franklin is in orbit & why the Tigers are getting ready to be sent in. But what the players haven't realized is the fact that the Ben Franklin is literally on it's own. 
While I realize that most folks think of GW1 Legion of Gold as super gonzo and such. The adventure is quite dark and very much can be a serious affair. Those who have become victims of the A.I. are not going to be 'saved'. The best that the players can do is possibly take control of the legion if thier rolls are truly lucky & possibly use the legion on the Zhuki. 
Allard Electronics has tasked the party for the recovery of any artifacts or technologies that are pre Recession. 
That's right we're turning the Gamma World artifacts into pre Recession artifacts. What the players don't know is that the Terra colony is actually a Sharashka – Special Research Facilities location. 

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