Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Dwarves, Elves, and The Growing Threat of The Cult of Elemental Evil - Looking At Lion & Dragon & Adventurer, Conqeuror, King's By This Axe

 So let's pick this blog post up from here.  T1 The Village of Hommlet's events are happening deep with the Black Forrest of Germany. And while the rest of Europe is getting to engulf itself into war. The old races of Adventurerer,Conqueror King such as the Elves, Dwarves, and other Fey races are becoming aware that something sees it's opportunity to sieze Europe. If we go with ACK's By This Axe I Rule then the Dwarves really are one of the most advanced cultures under Europe. 

And is Europe actually in the middle of an economic downturn during the events of the Dark Albion rpg setting?! The facts presented within  Sword & Caravan might seem to indicate so. The trade of the Silk Road is helping to keep Europe's markets vitalized. And the barbarians see this as a prime opportunity. And what about the Elves?! The usual D&D Elves are not the wonderful stewards of nature that we usually associate with nobleness, goodness, and purity in ACK's or Dark Albion. 
Instead I'd say that the Elves have been literally living off the corpse of the ancient Pagan gods. God who were the original Elves that enslaved mankind eons ago. 
The Dwarves see through this ruse and so the friction that we've see over & over in popculture is solidly real. Why?! Because the Elven gods are locked out of our normal space time. The Elves of the ACK's Europe setting are ripe to be fed upon. Elves in this setting are literally a walking magical herd. 
And the cult of Elemental Evil are quite literally the Elven gods and worse waiting for the harvest. 
The Silk Road here in Europe is the literal life blood route for stopping the events of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. Mankind is fighting among itself for the usual reasons & the violence has awaited it. War & violence call these dark powers like a starving man to a buffet. 

And we see that sucession, bloodlines, and more play into this especially in Axioms Issue 19: Cohorts & Dynasties.This can be a critical detail for PC's who are a part of the upper royal circles. Perhaps its only the rulers who are really aware of the horror that is growing in thier own backyards. And to what end?! Next time the cost of Europe in corruption & manpower. 

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