Friday, March 31, 2023

The Ghouls & The Black Market - A Wretched Darkness Rpg One Shot Mini Campaign Report


First of all gotta apologize to the Red Room, we've been dropping the ball on the Wretched Darkness rpg. Lately the big thing that has been keeping our Wretched Darkness campaign from happening has been work scheduling among players. The players are very excited about getting hip deep into a game.The PC's are all set and we've already got them rolled up. So let's get the advertisment out of the way first. 

 You can purchase Wretched Darkness from: Big Geek Emporium: Lulu: (paper back)
The group of players gets involved with a black market antiques seller who is far more then he seems. The antiques seller is actually a ghoul and has enlisted the PC's to recover these relics. Why?! Because these relics are actually the remains of relics used in lost Ghoul kingdoms long before the Flood of Noah. And they could spell the end of humanity. Why would monsters care?!
Because of the fact that even monsters don't want to live on a burnt out rock!
These relics will in point of fact summon the 'father of all ghouls'. And this is a bad thing because this monster god is known for his appetites and they are not kind to anyone who runs across it. The monster has been kept in the Beyond for eons. Should the Dark Forces come across these relics. Well things could hit the fan in our campaign fast! 
The player's PC's are all local monsters a mix of human, Children of the Night, and more. The stomping ground for this is New York City sans '69 Minutes into the Future'.
Note that this also crossses our Wretched Flesh Rpg campaign where the relics were fenced and made thier way to the U.S.. The PC's failed to recover the relics. And now they have to deal with the aftermath. 
The original Ghoul Kingdoms were a part of the Middle East but swept away by the Biblical Flood. 

The PC's first stop is going to be the Ghoul Market in New York City under the East Manhatten Bridge. The locals only think it's a massive homeless encampment the supernaturals know better. 

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