Saturday, April 1, 2023

Asssassin's War On Mars - Crossed Swords of Blood - Old Mars Mini Campaign Set Up - Hyperborea Rpg & Warriors of the Red Planet - Session Report Four

 So we're looking deeper into the Swords & Wizardry new Kickstarter with thier new version of thier version of the OGL; "Licensing. Later today we will also put up a PDF of the draft version of what we're calling the Mythmere Games Open License. This license does the expected task of allowing a third-party publisher to use the Swords & Wizardry rules and text. It also creates a category of content called MGL Open Content (the MGL is short for Mythmere Games License) which will allow a third-party publisher to make content available to other third-party publishers as open game content, regardless of whether any Swords & Wizardry content is included. The license is modeled on the OGL, since that's the model most people are familiar with, and learning a new license is difficult, but it contains fixes for various things that have been problems with the actual OGL. Most notable is of course the clear inclusion of the word "irrevocable," but there are several other changes. After we put the draft license up for people to download it and take a look, Matt will do a livestream -- probably on Sunday -- to describe licensing issues in the OSR in general, how this particular license works, and answer questions. We'll do another update to give specifics about the time and place for the livestream." During last night's Warriors of the Red Planet game the party of adventurers got attacked by loyalist serpentmen mercs! 

This pay session repor picks up from here & here on the blog
They almost made it across the valley in thier flyer but they ended up attacking the mercs & just managed to make it out with several lucky rolls. Adventurers made made it into the next valley bypassed several fuel stations until they made through unto the next series of villages. One of these villages is one of the player's PC's origins. 
And it was time for the party to stop into Avoluo and tracked down the village elder. This was a barbarian tribe with deep ties with the local assassin's guild. 

And the player's PC's came face to face with one of the mid level NPC villains! This is where things went from bad to worse as they had to deal with him. Rus Ashu the Blood Handed  our lower tier assassin has a blood debt against this guy. And it was crossed swords & the party couldn't interfere! Things got very tense as swords crossed and the NPC was badly wounded as well as losing a limb! 

The PC's wanted to get out before things got worse as they now know that'  abandoned ' wizard's tower from a few sessions ago isn't! They heard from various villagers that the place has been restocked and anyone venturing there disappears! This all ties in with the Black Circle faction gaining in power in the valley of Lothar and pre Ancients technologies being used to shore up thier power base in the area. 

This all comes from Flying Buffalo's Wilderness Encounters that we pulled out several weeks ago. The Wizard's Tower in this book has some really nasty twists that I've managed to snag into our Mars game quite easily. 
We've also been talking about running a Rifts Rpg campaign but the players can't make it due to work commitments and scheduling. 

However I might have a plan after looking into my buddy Raven Wolfgar's stream today on Youtube. 

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