Friday, April 28, 2023

Alien Day Memorial One Shot Hostile Rpg Mini Game - Session report


So the other day we got together for a quick Hostile rpg one shot, this was something that I threw together. We only had a night to do a tribute for Alien day 4/26/23 but we managed to pull it off. A bit of background here. We were on a long hauler  Rockwell Harbinger and dropping off colonists to a small worldlet in the Tempus system. That's the set up. We based this quick mini game on Mark Schultz artwork from Dark Horse Comics Aliens series. It's from 
Aliens: Apocalypse - The Destroying Angels 3. I claim zero ownership nor is this mean as a copyright nor trademark infringement. It's a piece of artwork that I've admired for years & used it as inspiration for our game session. Zozer Games nor the game's author has anything to do with our mini game session nor the use of Mr. Shultz's artwork. 
The colonists had come across a 'founders' temple and events went South from there. 

The PC's came in with the place overrun by xenomorphs and we had to save as many colonists as possible. And we had a compliment of exmarine mercenaries on board. And those NPC's got finished off quite quickly I might add. 
And my lawman got it in the first half of the adventure as DM Steve was running the game. We had a diffferent goal which was to detonate the colony's reactor because it was the only way to be sure. We had left the Harbinger in low orbit with the captain with orders to take off if we didn't make it. 
And we made our way passed everything else but the reactor. And point of fact the players didn't bother with the temple at all. Steve made up everything on the fly. We lost two PC right on the outside of the colony as we got swarmed! We each had three PC's to attempt the almost impossible. And other PC's died from falls, accidents, and a case of friendly fire. 

Finally after 21/2 hours we were able to get the colonists and set the charges around the reactor. And then downloaded the files from the computer's mainframe. Then it was two burns to get our ship into position. Leave the colonists aboard the shuttle scan the colonists twice for infection and then move the cryo pods back on board! 

We blasted outta of there and detonated the reactor! It was the only way to be sure.
Will this session have far reaching consquences?! You better your behinds it will. This was a multi billion dollar facility & the fact that it was destoryed is going to go bad for the corporate owners. And this could set off a Zibatisu rpg shadow war coming up! Which it damn well will!  

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