Thursday, April 20, 2023

Review & Commentary On "How To Game Master Like A F#%^ing Boss" By Venger Satanis For Any Old School or OSR Campaign

 "What the Hell is this thing called Game Mastering?

"Nope, what you're considering here is not an introductory text.  I've been there and done that with How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss.  No, this is for when you've been GMing for years and already know the basics."

"Are you missing something in your life?  Advanced Game Mastering Like A Fucking Boss attempts to weave philosophy and meaning and the search for a greater truth alongside the art of describing stuff, rolling dice, and pretending to be other people.  "

"Belief is immersion.  Does that mean super-belief can lead to super-immersion?  Perhaps...  That's but a single theme of this book, albeit a central one... a golden thread that carries the reader (that's you) from beginning to end.  

At this point in the timeline, we're faced with an identity crisis.  What is the nature of Game Mastering, how should we proceed, why does this vocation define us?

The artwork in this book was created using Midjourney A.I. 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for all your support, hoss.  Cha'alt!" 

So Venger asked me to take a look at How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss which is basically a hundred and eleven pages of DMing advice, observations, and even adventure design. There's quite a bit of the usual Venger material here & so lots of tentacles. Surprisingly there's also a lot of personal observations and more from Venger's perspective. 
And this extending deeply into his gaming philosphy, and the brand that has become Venger Satanis. There's a ton in here about player choice, immersion, and more. And this goes deep into Venger's theories and ideas about adventure, dungeon design and more all within "How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss ". And the book goes down several rabbit holes at once using the ideas & philosphies of Venger
. Of course all of the whole cloth of How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss circles back to Venger's catch all setting Cha'alt. And that's great even the MidJourney artwork that Venger has used within How to Game Master Like a Fucking Boss circles back unto Cha'alt and that's great. This adds another layer of authenticity to the book. Is any of the philosphy, design advice, and more neccesarry!?! No but that's not the point of  "How To Game Master Like a Fucking Boss'. The point is that this book lays out Venger's approach to his style & veneer of DMing. Is "How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss " any good?! With the success of the Cha'alt Trilogy and the continuation of the Venger brand 'How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss' is a solid add on to the Cha'alt line. 
 Because the sheer pile of 'Cha'alt material, adventures, etc. make this book a necessity.

Do we get a peek behind the curtain?! Yes & no. Yes we have a fully laid out apprach and design step by step set up guide and set of Venger stero instructions with "How To Game Master Like A Fucking Boss ". Is this book going to change your life?! No,but it might change how you DM adventures, approach Cha'alt, and take on the products of Venger Satanis. Can the advice, philosphy, and what not be applied to other old school & OSR games?! I believe it could easily be. And is it worth the ten dollar price tag?! Well considering the fact that there's quite a bit of bang for the buck I do believe so. 

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