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OSR Commentary On DSS3 Elves of Athas (2e) By Bill Slavicsek And It's Use Within The Castles & Crusades Rpg In A Sword & Sorcery Rpg campaign And The World of Athas

 So let's get back into Athas & this time go down the Chat hole with  "DSS3: Elves of Athas" (1993), by Bill Slavicsek & Castles & Crusades. Let's get the history outta of the way of this Dark Sun product; ""DSS3: Elves of Athas" (1993), by Bill Slavicsek, is the third Dark Sun Sourcebook. It was released in October 1993." 

DSS3 is a really completely take on the Elven race and far closer to what we would see embraced in later post apocalpytic fantasy rpg's. Elves of Athas hasn't been equalled in my estimation. Because of the fact that it takes the Elven race and presents a species of demi human that has had to evolve & cope with the circumstances of Dark Sun. Both as a campaign setting & one that embraces the Dark Sun fluff while adding it's very own wrinkle to it on many levels. 
The Elven race on Athas is one of savagery & survival united only by thier will to survive on the harsh world of Dark Sun. These Elves are the rogues, exploiters, thieves, wasteland pirates, and peddlers all in one. The tribes of Elves here are many. The savagery is evident. And they will survive by any and all means. What does "DSS3: Elves of Athas" (1993), by Bill Slavicsek mean to the  Castles & Crusades system?! Well a bit of everything because of the fact that the unique economic systems presented in Dune Trader dove tail into the Castle Keeper's book. And more 
"DSS3: Elves of Athas"  works really well with another Castles & Crusades book and that's the Player's Archive. 

Because of the way that the Castles & Crusades Player's Archive is set up the  many of the PC options presented in "DSS3: Elves of Athas"  works very well with the archive. The Player's Archive uses; "The host of options for multi-classing your character! Most everyone wants an edge, an angle that allows them to take that extra step, achieve that extra goal, to surprise the enemy." And this ties into many of the Elven systems & options present within "DSS3: Elves of Athas". 

The combination of the Castles & Crusades Player's Archive & the "DSS3: Elves of Athas" title to create many unique & dangerous new PC's. Forget the Elves of Dark Sun being problematic. The Elves of Athas are downright deadly. 
The players can literally become a member of one of the nasitier or more impressive tribes while creating unique  and highly dangerous PC's on the world of Athas. There are five reasons why DSS3: Elves of Athas works with Castles & Crusades: 

  1. The PC's are not going to expect just how dangerous Athas Elves are. Forget the 'noble savage' crap these are highly dangerous raiders & barbarians within thier own right. 
  2. Simple survival and day to day life are not the only things that Athas Elves are interested in. The Elves of Athas want to thrive. 
  3. Elves of Dark Sun are opportunists of the highest order they will exploit a party of adventurers to the fullest. 
  4. If the tribes of Elves can harness the situation with PC then they will. Ruins, dungeons, etc. all hinge on getting on the Dark Sun Elven tribes good sides
  5. Survival on Athas could depend upon the PC's learning from the Elven tribes some of the harsh lessons of Athas. 

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