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OSR Review & Commentary - Quick Ship File: Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer By Moon Toad Publishing For the Cepheus Engine Rpg

 "The Gwad Urm Class Destroyer is an armoured 400 dton System Defence Destroyer, with 5G acceleration, intended for anti-piracy, customs inspection, blockade and general defence duties."

"It comes with a 50 dton Missile bay, with associated missile storage, split over two locations (Port and Starboard) for survivability. In addition the ship has 2 x Plasma Barbettes (Dorsal and Ventral) and a standard triple Pulse Laser Turret fitted aft. In addition, the ship is fitted with a Standard Class Armed Gig and a contingent of Marines for detached duties." 

This guide contains:

  • Ship art.
  • Ship statistics and description.
  • 11 pages of deck plans (empty and cluttered).
  • Design specifications.
  • Blueprints, Crew ORBAT, and 5 view drawings.
  • An adventure: The Last Best Hope, and random scenario seeds.
  • Random ship location generator and ship's locker emergency contents.
  • A choice of 8 pre-generated character cards for player crew.
  • VTT assets

I've been looking for a new star ship for our Clement Sector rpg campaign. Enter Quick Ship File: Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer By Moon Toad Publishing.. Ian Stead and co have done an excellent ship that has a role to play patroling the edges of your sector. They have created an excellent ship for a very pitoval role in marine roles; "The Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer is a sturdy and reliable armoured workhorse used for general military and customs duties in frontier areas. The "Destroyer" nomenclature is deliberate, to separate this ship design designation from similar ships without a missile bay. Performance is 5G with 8 weeks endurance, and is capable of wilderness refuelling. The ship is streamlined for atmospheric entry, but the sensor whiskers need to be withdrawn inboard to prevent damage. The ship is well equipped with energy weapons, in 2 x Plasma Barbettes (Dorsal and Ventral) and 1 x rear facing triple pulse laser turret, primarily employed for point defence. The Missile bay is split, port and starboard, for added survivability with 6 missile tubes on each side, both having a separate missile magazine located nearby" 
The Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer is perfect for obilterating space pirates and dealing with planetary uprisings that occur on the Frontier. The facilities of the Defense Destroyers are well drawn out & Moon toad brings the destroyer into deep focus for Cepheus interstellar adventures. Moon Toad brings the Cepheus Engine action with thier own brand of style of interstellar action. This is something that we see with the Bounty Hunter Handbook.

The thing about Moon Toad products is the fact that they are easily adaptable to your own campaigns. And this something that we see within the  Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer. And applying the starship the Clement Sector rpg campaign. This is because of the attention to detail that Moon Toad brings to the table top. The plans of the  Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer 
really bring the star ship too life for the marines or adventurers who will be combing through the starship itself. There are far more details, ideas, etc. which are suggested by the system defense destoryer. But is this starship actually useful?! The answer if the DM is running a space pirate campaign then absolutely. Why because the star ship is perfect for anti piracy and criminal suppression. There are lots of details that the system defense destroyer including variations & other styles of ship profiles. 
The   Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer has everything the DM needs to quickly & quietly drop this starship into thier campaigns without a problem and this includes everything for the cost of a modern magazine at 6.00 dollars US on Drivethrurpg. I highly recommend the   Gwad Urm Class System Defence Destroyer for your marines or mercenaries. 

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