Tuesday, April 25, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary - Wretched Bastards Second Edition By the Red Room - OSR Adventure, Sex, Drugs, Dark Magick, and Adult Fantasy.

 Right, so after the campaign elevator pitch yesterday. So today was the birthday of The Red Room & we got a new edition of Wretched Bastards Rpg. The second edition is bigger, louder, and prouder then the previous edition. 

So what's changed between editions?! Quite a bit has been revised and added from the WB second edition intro;"With the release of the revised Wretched Role-Playing Game core book, we were able to move forward with our plan to create setting books instead of full games for our second editions. We wanted to provide fleshed-out settings for our players, and thus the world of Antillia grew. While we understand that many gamers enjoy creating their own settings, we believe having a developed world will be useful for game masters looking for a quick and easy setting for Wretched Bastards. In this second edition, you'll find an expanded Antillia with a whole world to explore, even if it's not yet thoroughly described. We've also included The Seven Bastards campaign setting in the main book, so players can dive right in. Finally, we've added some new mechanics suited for fantasy games to round out the Wretched system and provide even more optionsl" 
Wretched Bastards second edition clocks in at 224 pages of streamlined adult fantasy sleazy goodness. 

What it does is bring the anti hero high fantasy vibe into focus quite nicely and keeps the Red Room quality right on tap. And even the focus of magick has changed; "While Antillians believe that they possess magical powers, they actually utilise latent psychic abilities, which their ancestors learned from the Adityan race. These abilities are similar to the Psychic talents found in the Wretched Role-Playing Game, but they operate slightly differently." The world setting of Antillia has expanded by an order of magnitude and is now really central to the Wretched Bastards game. There's lots and lots of connections to other Wretchedverse or other Red Room games now. The Wretched Bastards rpg could be described as sex, drugs, dark magick, and adult fantasy.  The tone of Wretched Bastards second edition is one of sleazy and dark adventure that combines into a solid anti hero OSR rpg. 
Throughout out Wretched Bastards second edition we get a ton of OSR adventure tools for everything from constructing random dungeons, adventures, STD's, and much more. The use of A.I. artwork is well done and adds to the unique feel of Wretched Bastards. The second edition adds in a ton of tools to the box of the players and DM's. Yes there are monsters here and there's lots of other beasties including randomly generating creatures your party of adventurers can face. Antilla really get a campaign setting boost here. We get lots of details, adventure hooks, random tables, and more material then we were expecting. 
The Red Room expands & subverts the 'Seven Bastards' deeply into the Antilla campaign setting. And brings them right  to the fore as a force to be reckoned with by adventurers. Why?! Because thier literally tied into the adventures, boat load of NPC's, and even have ties to the rest of the Wretchedverse. Make no mistake Wretched Bastards second edition is worth your time as a player or DM the Red Room has continued to prove it's worth as some of the hardest working OSR writers and designers. 

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