Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Lost Legion A Cha'alt Quantum Simulus - Wretchedverse/Cha'alt game Mini Campaign Continuation

All right I've been meeting with my players about a Wretched Darkness/Cha'alt campaign that picks up where we left off here.  In what's left of the United States a Wretched Legion training mission has gone missing in the Alaskan frontier! The Traveller Society's inner circle has it's own theories about the matter and have hired the PC's to find out what has happened?! The Crimson Legion has a long history of military intervention on many worlds. 
The Wretched Legion soldiers have gone missing by entering a portal to the Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence. Needless to say that that thier in a world of trouble! The islands want one of thier own back and in this case it was a native of the Purple Haunted that has tried to start a life outside of the time haunted gonzo place. The powers of the islands have other plans however. 
This particular squad has attracted the rather unsavory attentions of Kauthua a rather nasty Serpent Man wizard. 
Kauthua wants to sacrifice the NPC Wretched Legion over to one of the Lovecraftian Old One powers that control the isles in return for devine favor. 
There are several other factions on the island that have also vested interest in the 'lost legion'. This includes several Sasquatch dark shamans who would love to drag the legion soldiers deep into the Dreamlands to sacrifice them to the Wendigo spirits in exchange for supernatural favors. 
Because of   the Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence buffet between the Beyond & the realms of dreams the realms of the islands is reachable from a great many other worlds. 
The purple isles is also where a PC could in point of fact gain mutations or supernatural abilities or lose thier lives completely. There are several urban shamans who have used the islands as testing grounds for thier own pupils. And many urban legends surround the islands. Almost as if the three  islands themselves are alive and a faction vying for whomever fall into thier clutches. 
Several of the factions within Wretched Darkness, Wretched Space, and Wretched New Flesh are aware of 
the significance of  the Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence. Speaking with our own players there's deep interest in returning to the Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence

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