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The Rocket Corps, The Rocket Collectives, & Orbital 2100 Within Our Hostile & Cosmos 68 Campaigns

 Alright let's up right from here on the blog the other day & talk about the Rocket Corps. The Rocket Corps to me as a DM is going to be a profession that is frought with all kinds of hazards. The conditions would be like a German U boat during World War I in my estimation. 

In the war against the Zhuki the Rocket Corps and the Marines are going to be the Soviet's main canno erm front line troops. Once the PC's have mustered out where are they going to get a space ship that thier promised?! 
So reading through the Hostile Rule book last I can across  a reference to Orbital 2100 which is one of Zozer Games early efforts at a Mongoose Traveller intersolar system setting. 
The break down for Orbital 2100 is as follows & stay with me here;"Orbital 2100 is a science fiction setting for Cepheus Engine and other Classic 2D6 SF RPGs. It has realistic (TL 9) feel that is set within our own solar system. The Earth is locked in a Cold War with the people of Luna. Both face off, 400,000 km apart, threatening mutual annihilation whilst they compete to colonise the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Older colonies such as Mars and Mercury are independent and caught up in this struggle for solar system supremacy.

"Spacecraft use nuclear thermal rockets and create gravity by spinning pods or centrifuges, this is spaceflight as envisaged today!" Now if we look into the "Rocket Collective" blog entry for Kosmos 68 then we see the guidelines of the hows of owning a trade, science, or other vessel; "Merchants (members of Interkosmos state owned shipping corporation) and Scouts (members of the Special Purpose Fleet) can be granted a ship as part of their mustering out benefits. This ship remains the property of the originating organisation. The character has just been given a payment-free lease on the vessel. This lease can be revoked at any time by the parent organisation. As per standard Traveller, the ship and operator can be recalled to active duty at any time. The character has no legal recourse. "

"Scholars (members of the Academy of Sciences) can be granted a Lab Ship as part of their mustering out benefits. Similar to above, this lab ship remains the property of the Academy of Sciences. The character has simply been given the right to use this vessel to lead research expeditions and can lose that right if the Academy chooses."

"Nobility (or should we say senior and/or influential members of the Global Progress Party) may be granted a yacht as part of the mustering out. This yacht is the property of The People, and the character has graciously accepted the responsibility of conducting diplomatic missions with it. This privilege can be stripped away just as easily."
However just where are these space craft coming from?! The answer is that thier 125 years old. During the Second Recesssion in Hostile the Cold War between the East & West turned hot or did it?! Kosmos 68 is an alternative reality. And perhaps there are millions of vessels still in operation from 125 years ago. 

Now don't rush off and grab a copy of Orbital 2100 just yet because Paul Elliot of Zozer games is going to update his wonderful Cold War Solar System setting for Cepheus Engine and other old school 2d6 Science Fiction systems coming up in 2023. And this isn't the half of it yet. Each of these solar system, gravity spinning beauties also has a hyperdrive strapped on her and has been refitted for the Zhuki war. 
And some of the larger craft have become supply ships for the Soviets. Are the Zhuki taking out supply lines?! You better your behind they are. 

And here's where the marines & other mercenary outfits of the Hostile universe are going to come into play. And also why Soviet criminal organizations have been turning to the American corporate and independant mercenary organizations. These organizations have vested interest in keeping the "Rocket Collective" ships flying.
PC's are not going to be starting with full blown marine warships & in point of fact one of the cutting edge corporate ships of our games has been Independence Games Historical Ships of Clement Sector 1: Trent-class Destroyer

The Trent class destroyer is the last thing that a corporate colony wants on thier doorstep. And these destroyers are out of mothballs and back into the war. There are two or three reasons for this. One they were used during the Cold War with China & the Soviets during the Second Recession in Hostile. Two there was an upgrading program due to the Zhuki war! And three the corporations know that they need aces up thier sleeves like the Destroyers. This also leaves openings for other star ship manufacturers to come into the field. 
Now going back to the Orbital 2100 end of the spectrum any type A or B space port in Soviet space is going to be able to upgrade any of the 125 year old space craft into modern shape. But it's gonna cost even a small corporate outfit a lot. 
And if you want to get in on Independence Games Clement & Earth sector rpg action I strongly suggest the Clement Sector humble bundle.

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