Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The Cult of Elemental Evil Rises - Looking At Lion & Dragon & Adventurer, Conqeuror, King's By This Axe

 So looking deeper into the lore of  ACK's By This Axe I Rule, where some of the Dwarven Kingdoms of  destabilized Europe are dealing with the rise of cult of elemental evil. This is something that we've covered on the blog here.  The tool of these forces of Chaos are of course the humanoid armies now under the effects of the increased spread of the temple's influence from Germany's Black Forrest.

The Old Race such as the Elves, Dwarves, and other races are acting through thier trade representives  in Europe and on the Silk Road ala Sword & Caravan. This is where the half breed races of the Old Races come into play. These are the traders, the entertainers, the courriers, the advisors, etc to all of the royal courts of Europe. And these PC's and beings are not necessarily the products of rape, or even intermarriage. They could be creatures of sorcerous origin ala the old European myths & legends of changelings. 
Alexander Marcus shared this earlier on Twitter and here we see the rules for ACK's crossbreeding of species. 

What's really important here is that for the forces of Chaos. They can literally generate pig faced Orcs, Goblins, etc. all quite nicely from thier generators. This helps to explain the rapid expansion of the humanoids found in B2 The Keep on the Borderland by Gary Gygx. The source breeds true of the alignment of the creation of the magus or arcane spell caster. 
Could these same rules also apply to shamans & the like?! They sure could if the DM wants them too! This opens up the floor for all kinds of humanoids crossbreeding  thier own champions. This coud help to explain the rising number of orges & near human horrors that Chaos armies seem to create almost over night. 

And these numbers of humanoids could be the raiders that could be cutting off the economic life blood of the Silk Blood to Europe. The forces of Chaos are literally tearing the economic life blood of the entire block of Western civilization. The edges of Western civilization might be ACK's Capital of the Borderlands. 

The edges of the Middle East could stand in for ACK's  Cyfaraun, ancient capital of the borderlands. The Roman empire is long gone and a moderate group of royals now rules the former empire of  Cyfaraun just before the Mongols take all much later on.The events after TSR's B2 Keep on the Borderlands remain. The events in Capital of the Borderlands take place as the two merge as the cult of Elemental Evil rises in both the East and the West. 
Raids along the Silk Road really begin to take thier toll as the humanoid forces wage both literal and ecnonmic warfare on all of Western & Near Eastern Europe. The Middle East takes centerstage. 
The old Roman network of fortresses becomes incredibly important and only with the Dwarven royals help can Europe be saved.

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