Sunday, April 2, 2023

Brothers of Man Mini Campaign - Escape From The Psiborg I.C.E. Prison #134 - Prayer Breakfast White Star Rpg Session Report 1

 So this morning we mounted a brand new White Star Galaxy edition rpg mini campaign using the White Star Blaster Bolts - RPG OmnibusThe Psiborg I.C.E. Prison #134 facility houses some of the most dangerous murderous criminals & rebels from the Psiborg conquest of this edge of the galaxy. I.C.E. stands for Incarceration, Conquest, and Elimination. The whole adventure today was based on the "Jailbreak" adventure encounter in the Blaster Bolts - RPG Omnibus

Prison #134 differs from the standard facility found in 'Jackbreak'; "Ice Prison 47-A  medium security prison on the frigid and remote planet of Ragnar, Ice Prison 47-A is a secure and remote penal facility staffed by a combination of robotic and biological security guards. The ownership of the prison is deliberately kept undefined. At the GM’s whim it could be the property of a military force, a planetary government, the galactic government, or even a criminal group that uses it as a safehouse for kidnapping victims" 
We did use a combination of 'favored' prison guards who had thier positions given to them by the psiborgs. And cybernetic A.I. guards who are extensions of the A.I. gods of the psiborgs. 

The player's PC's were getting ready to be sent to the Palladium mines on the otherside of the prison planet Tiamat. It took a huge amount of effort on thier part to get free by short circuiting thier bond cuffs and then overpowering the guards and pilot of thier shuttle. Then it was a matter of beating past the Warden planetary defense systems.  From here it was a fast hyperspace jump outta of the system! 
Stay Tuned Next Week As Our Heroes Have Further Adventures! 

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