Sunday, April 2, 2023

Gassing At The Jeffron Facility -GW1 Legion of Gold By Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, & Paul Reiche III For Our Kosmo 68 & Hostile Rpg Crossover Game Campaign Report

 We pick right up from here on the blog from the last game & the players have decided to go down into the nest to clean out the  Zhuki (Buggems). The Zhuki (Buggems) decided to ambush the PC's and gassed them! The players were surprised as events turned on them at the Jeffron facility.  

The players wanted to nuke the facility from orbit. They retreated from the alien bugs and laid down fire to cover thier tracks. And they managed to grab a few artifacts from the Pre Recession. 
The player's PC's dropped several explosives and bombs into the facility to keep the zukhi from expanding into the rest of the countryside. Secret they already have. The PC's retreated back to the Genser Goose ranch. They already had taken the ranch at this point. And now the Zuhki wolves in the buggem stages are closing in the ranch now.. 

The Zuhki have cut off power, and communications to the ranch. But the players have used retrotechnology to establish communication with horn.  'The Hostile Technical Manual' has some great retro technology that we incorporated into Kosmos 68 Terra colony.

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