Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cha'alt Quantum Simulus - Wretchedverse/Cha'alt game Mini Campaign


Right so when it comes to Easter everything is in the rear view mirror now. So with all that gone we've been talking with friends about starting up our Wretchedverse/Cha'alt game sessions again. This time we want to take a different direction with our games primarily because of the direction of Wretched New Flesh.  Avalidad has been the starting point for our games and also the black market for forbidden technologies coming in from Cha'alt.

Cha'alt itself is a sea of weird lost artifacts, dangerous aliens, strange slave girls, and more. But it's the fact that the planet is a sink hole for every dangerous demon, alien god, and horror that has the players wondering if thier PC's can survive on the gonzo horror world. This unto itself makes a crossover with the Wretchedverse not a question of if not when. 

Because of this and a morass of other factors the gates between worlds have been shattered. And this has allowed the appearance of horrid locations on Earth. These locations include the Island of Purple Haunted Putrescence.. This has emboldened the cults of various Mythos entities to increase thier presence on Earth. And thus moving the doomsday clock for humanity closer.  Not even the Wretched Legion has a handle on the situation and this leads to even worse consquences as the situation grows worse. Why? Because the royal families of Torth are calling in supernatural favors from thier Lovecraftian allies. They want a slice of Earth & Cha'alt and they don't care whom they have to slice to get it. And thier searching for the forgotten vaults of Cha'alt. 

And this gets into our use of  Vault of Cha'alt #1 from Brainstorm Books & Games. This adventure is going pit our party against the forces of the Cha'alt vaults from the time before time. And then things are going to start getting messy. 

The players over the last couple of years have dealt with renagade Zedi knights from Alpha Blue, all kinds weirdness from Cha'alt, and more. That being said the high strangeness of Vaults of Cha'alt might really test the players resolve. Hard to say if Vaults of Cha'alt issue one is good. The play is going to be the thing with any of these. There's still the question of using White Star to help fill in some of the gaps. Because Wretched Space does a solid job with some of it's issues.  
Vault of Cha'alt #1 from Brainstorm Books & Games, is an interesting parody of a retro horror comic/supplement for Cha'alt. It has a ton of good solid additions to the gonzo Vengerverse. 
Do you need it if you own the three Cha'alt volumes?! Probably not but your gonna want it because it's a solid supplement/set of adventures. 

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