Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Return of 'The Potemikin' Our Hostile & Cosmos 68 Campaign's Session Report

This session report is going to pick right up from the last blog entry here. During tonight's Hostile/Kosmos 68 game the PC's were confronted by a spectre from the second Recession! The PCs's came face to face with Milligan-class Hospital Ship outfitted for medical R&D. This particular starship was used by one of the major American medicial corporations. The corporation engaged in some major shady medical research but this all ended with the Second Recession. The Milligan Class Hospital ship was sold to the Soviets in the second era. The Potemikin got a second lease on life and was used extensively by the Soviets. 

The Potemikin had a great career until the on coming of the Zhuki war in which it served as a hostipal ship for wounded  troops again. And then the Potemikin jumped with the fleet and was lost in a hyperspacial accident. Tonight the Potemikin made an appearance around the Terra colony world. 

The party made thier way on board as a part of thier mercenary contract and it went from bad to worse. Aboard were Zhuki wasps and wolves waiting for the party! They had built a nest on board the ship and were in the process of converting the ship into a mobile base. 
Well needless to say that it was a bit of clean up with the party making thier way to the control room. They fired the engines up and then sent the craft into a jump into the nearest star after the party's hacker's overroad the safety locks on the ship which between dice rolls and role playing took half the game. Two of our player's tigers (mercenaries former marines) were taken out by wolves! We've got replacements in hypersleep. Most of the action tonight was taken up by role playing, dice throwing, and traveling around the Potemikin interior. 

The players had lots of questions & few answers. Did the Zhuki fly the ship to the Terra colony or did they hitch a ride instead. The entire interior of the hospital ship had been reworked with Zhuki resin an ability not seen before leading to the players speculating on the fact that there might be a new type of Zhuki drone not seen before. None of these questions had any answers to them. Next week we return to the Gamma World Legion of Gold module. 

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