Saturday, April 22, 2023

Canopus Blues In Orbit - Our Hostile & Cosmos 68 Campaign's Session Report

We're just getting back from our session which is going to pick right up from here on the blog. 
So I'm just getting back from our continuing Hostile/Kosmos68 campaign which I've been introducing and playing Gamma World elements. Since the last time we played. Paul Elliot of Zozer games has gotten back from vacation in Australia. Again I'm not stalking the poor guy but instead he's put out some wonderful Cepheus Engine rpg handouts.  And recent events aboard The Potemikin led the party into some real trouble. You see our resident hacker extracted a bunch of senstive Soviet documents. And those documents were Cepheus Engine rpg handouts

 And this includes  documents about a wrecked space station in orbit around the Soviet Terra colony. Of course the players wanted to investigate this wrecked space station! We really played up them landing on the station, getting the power up, etc. 

And it's through these handouts I've gotten the party in trouble in today's lunch time session report! You've probably been reading about our group of DM's & players who have been incorporating various old school Gamma World rpg resources into our game. As the PC's came upon the wreckage of the space station they received docking transmissions. What they didn't know was the fact that they were actually playing Paul Richie III's 8 page mini-module "The Albuquerque Starport." Among the autopsy reports showed that the  station had been 'taken' over by something. The player's PC's began exploring the station & came face to face with Pre Recession II  era robots, and other Soviet style technologies. I really played up the 
Pre Recession II era artifacts & relics. And played on the power & atmosphere being stable. Thier hacker downloaded everything she could and we really played out the unreliablity of the technology of the station. And that's when she came face to face with one of the station's shamblers. They were so busy exploring that  several of them almost got infected by the poor victims of the  the dreaded Canpous plague! Victims upon whom the virus has been feeding upon and too  for the last ten years! Suddenly the victims seemed to be everywhere?! 

And the players freaked! They were expecting alien life forms or the Zhuki. But an alien virus that turns you into a walking mush pit?! Hell no! Maybe it's Covid indused nightmares! The player's grabbed the artifacts and they were outta of that station! 
They secured everything they had gotten from the station into decomamination.
Oh boy do they want to destroy that station but they dare not because of the valuable fuel core aboard the station! They don't want that raining down on the Terra colony. Now of course they have details on the route to the lost 
Pre Recession II Canpous colony!! 
They do however have two Pre Recession II robots & serveral artifacts. There's also the matter of the fact that the PC's know there's a Soviet ship there. Now thier heading back to the The Potemikin to get checked out and make sure they didn't pick up the plague even though they were wearing space suits! Yes thier that paranoid. Our resident cyborg hacker wants to start checking out the Soviet robots. And the party also had the Ben Franklin scanned twice for shamblers?! 
Anyhow I did notice that the players have been using Independence Games G.E.A.R. and really going to town on the customization of thier weapons, equipment, etc. even using Hostile rpg catalog of equipment. 

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