Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Ascendant Rpg System & Campaign Commentary

 So Autarch LLC & I go back a long way now. And most of the time myself & my players have been dealing with the Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg. And it's been enjoyable run. With that being said there's been a nagging on me to run the Ascendant rpg. And over the last week and a half there's a new Kickstarter going for Ascendant: Platinum Edition.The truth is that I've gotta wait till pay day and that's fine with me which means over the weekend or the early part of next week. 

So when it comes to Ascendant one can't be afraid of crunch because this supers game has crunch for miles & miles. This is fine with me because I'm a systems & crunch monster. Besides this Ascendant is a step up from both the TSR Marvel Superheroes & DC Heroes rpg because Ascendant's system has aspects of both. The rpg balance however is completely different. And so is the Ascendant universe. 

The real heart of Ascendant is the mathmatics behind the system. And they cover a huge range of material within this monster of a rulebook. Powers, PC creation, etc are all based around these mathmatics & systems. This isn't a bad thing but the game requires a bit of a learning curve.

According to D.M. review on Drivethrurpg:"Just gave this a spin with my group for our final session of 2021, and we REALLY liked it.

It looked complicated at first, but actually it's not a hard game to learn. The core mechanic is simple enough: AV + Hero Points vs DV + Hero Points = RV. Check that RV on the CHART, and roll a d100 to see what color result you get. Once we had that down it was very fast to use in play--by the end of the night a round of combat was going as fast as D&D, and we've spent years using d20 systems.

We thought the SPs lining up with real-world numbers was cool. I like to run more simulationist-style campaigns in general, and my players like the idea of being able to see what the heroes they made would actually be capable of rather than just me riffing the results. The section on non-combat challenges looks like a very usable and thorough reference for me as the GM, though I haven't used it much yet (the first session was mostly combat to get the hang of the system)." 
So Why I'm I quoting this review here?! Because said review covers the hang up for a group of dedicated Marvel Super Heroes rpg players. Moving them into another system that emulates and yet is very different from both TSR Marvel Superheroes & DC Heroes rpg. Ascendant is a totally cool and yet very different beast from either of the former rpg's. 

So it doesn't take a genius to see that an ACK's campaign could theoritically be ported over to the 2023 world of Ascendant. And this is something that we're currently investigating right now within our group. 
And no I don't want to come onto a Discord to say how awesome Ascendant is. My group knows this but currently what we're trying too figure out is work  scheduling with players. 

Then there's the metric ton of Marvel and DC Heroes sourcebooks that I've got that are going to get a work out. We're looking to have our four or five DM's that I'm a part of doing a workshop to get our world ironed out. That's coming up. 

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