Tuesday, March 14, 2023

1d30 Lovecraftian Signs & Portents For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign


There are times when you need to let the players know that there is an epic Outer God Or Great Old One coming into their path. Roll on this table & let them know just how much trouble their planet is in! 

1d30 Lovecraftian Signs & Portents Table 
  1. There are space fleets fleeing from the incoming path of the god. They broadcast warning but leave the system as quickly as possible. 
  2. There are 1d4 ships full of mutated & insane survivors who scream the praises of the entity coming. 
  3. A group of 1d8 ships with its occupants fused into the deck plating enters your system. The occupants gurgle one last message of horror before expiring. 
  4. There are 16 ships coming in & they're full of survivors. There is no response to hails. The ship is a breeder ship full of  the brood of the god 
  5. Every psychic for 1d4 light years is struck down by a psychic cry of horror & pain
  6. Every ghost on the planet rises up & tears apart the fabric of time & space 
  7. The most holy & revered saint of the planet returns from the dead to warn the living of the coming of this monster 
  8. There are still births across the planet. 
  9. A new insanity plague spreads throughout the system warning of the coming of X 
  10. There are weird weather patterns in space that disrupt interstellar travel for light years around. 
  11. There are random sightings of cultists & fanatics who are not there. They exist in the corner of sensitive's eyes. 
  12. 1d10 warrior cultists teleport down to the planet & announce the coming of their god. They're followed by another 1d100 & this is only the first wave 
  13. There are millions of bits of space debris that randomly make their way into your system. Each bears the rune of the Outer One 
  14. There are millions of dead aliens shunted into the local system. 1d8 randomly come to life & sing the praises of it's name 
  15. There are 12 chests each baring the gifts of X & they shall be opened at the time of arrival 
  16. There are 1d4 visions seen across planet announcing the visitation of his most holy 
  17. Planetary leaders are randomly teleported away, turned inside out, & released back only to gurgle, die, & tell of its coming 
  18. Millions of people across planet go missing & are found ritually sacrificed to X. The each bare the number of days before it appears somewhere on their body 
  19. An invisible monster bursts from some local home & goes on a rampage announcing the coming of its father. 
  20. Millions of people all across the planet sing the unholy praises of the monster & bust into flames at the same moment announcing its coming 
  21. 1d8 tons of gold appear across the world. The stuff is psychically hot any mage or psychic. It bears its  mark 
  22. Millions of argro aninmals die across planet while mutation rises each limb twisted into its sign 
  23. Magic arises across planet in people have no ability in the craft. They become the cult of it & await its arrival 
  24. All space travel stops as one 
  25. Weird stellar phenomeon is seen in the sky only by psychics who can't explain the feeling of doom  & dread 
  26. Mass insanity spreads from city to city & no one knows the cause. Those infected become cultists of HIM or it 
  27. 1d4 broken & wreck space craft come into the system. They are from a nearby empire & these were their strongest ships. Each bears weird scars & energy readings only a few days old 
  28. Crippled & weirdly mutated Navigators are seen in space ports handing out flyers & literature, warning of its coming. They bring cryptic warnings at best 
  29. People break out in song & dance only to burst into flame 1d6 rounds later. 
  30. A spawn of the thing appears on the lawn of the leader of the planet & demands to see the planetary head only to kill him seconds later 

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