Tuesday, July 11, 2017

1d4 Random Ancient Pacts With Demons of the Outer Void Table

Between the cracks of reality & the unreality of the fluid places where demons dwell there is are those bargainers who work each & every mortal mark they can with their dark powers of guile. Destruction of the immortal soul is their ultimate aim. But they do it with a flourish and a style for those wizards who think of themselves superior to each and every demonic essence in the blackness of the Outer Void.

These demonic bargainers may be called up with a simple Summon Monster spell variation found in many back room black magick scrolls or even some magazines of the Ancient Ones. A simple deal is struck for the immortal soul of the summoner & the essence forms a deadly possession of the summoner. Mutations & changes bubble, form as the essence of chaos flows through the fool.

1d4 Random Ancient Pacts With Demons of the Outer Void Table

  1. Perfection Realized - The summoner becomes a perfect physical specimen in fact too perfect. They're Charisma score goes down by -3 as the alien perfect disturbs those around them. Men & women will lust after them  but others will hunt and try to murder them. There is an eerie artificial quality  about them and caster can not shake this perfection as wounds will heal superficially perfect but damage will be internal. Some of the summoner's physical processes will be alien as well. Eye color will be off a bit and no one can look the person in the eye for more then 1d4 rounds without profoundly realizing that something is incredibly off about the person. 
  2. The Black Void's Kiss - The summoner is modified for a life among the stars & their bodies are encased in a sheet of bioengineered bio plastic that breaths and mimics human skin. But this is a creation of demonik chaos & weird alien technologies. The skin adds +4 to the PC's constitution score and they can operate within the void but they are no longer even remotely human. Save vs Fear  must be made anything with lower then 5 hit points when they catch sight of the person. Sex, anything resembling human love, etc are out of the question as the summoner has become a child of the void. They are immune to gas and only take half damage from electrical attacks as per their para demonic nature. 
  3. The Bald Man's Lies - The summoner's tongue & eyes are removed, they are replaced with an alien orbs and a literal silver tongue. The summoner gains the demonic charm ability three times per day and has access twice per day to perceive nearby other dimensional or forbidden realms of reality. He also has the ability to cast wizard's eye twice per day. He has become a para demonic creature will be hunted where he goes. This pact is often given to heads of demons of the outer void cults in exchange for supplicants souls. 
  4. The Alien Way - The summoner is modified for life on an alien world or demonic realm. Skin, eyes, etc are modified as the demonic entity sees fit for a new forbidden reality. The summoner gains 1d4 random demonic traits & becomes subject to all of the weaknesses of demons. But the summoner is now physically immortal and able to live on any of the forbidden para demonic worlds.

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