Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bandit Attack!,Giant Rats, & An Actual Play Report For Tegel Manor

The party last night was bogged down in an attack by bandits trying to acquire the deed to Tegel Manor! Once again the place's reputation for bad luck proceeds it. These were no ordinary bandits however, they were quite well organized & they attacked with an almost military precision about their melee?!
Who or what are these people working for? Some of the bandits armor is oddly archaic & more then slightly strange. They grab a few trinkets off of one or two of the bandits then bolt!

Barely managing to lose these bastards in the thick underbrush as the moons of Hyperborea crest over the landscape. The party manages to get to just outside the grounds of Tegel & camp for the night. Suddenly its a family of giant rats they've got to contend with! They've not even gotten onto the grounds of the manor & the place  is already trying to kill them! Their wizard notices that many of the features of the manor have a  distinctly fuzziness to them ( a result of the supernatural &  other dimensional energies of the place).  This really starts to worry him.

After beating back some of the rats and nearly getting their faces bitten off the party finds some of Sir Tristen's chewed up adventure gear & a piece of a map to the manor. This is about as far in as we got because I had to call an early night because of an appointment Sunday morning.  We'll be picking up Tegel on Monday evening & the party certainly has the scent for the manor but doesn't have any idea that their up to their necks in it!

The biggest influences on this campaign & how I'm going to be running the Manor are the original  Ghost Busters, The Adams Family television show, & The Disney Haunted Mansion ride. But of course these are not the only immediate OSR rundowns, I stumbled upon something quite nice for last night's game.

The Babylon Broadsheet blog has a very nice piece on "Knole House in Sevenoaks, Kent, England. The January/February 2016 issue of Archaeology Magazine has a feature article on Knole House, and describes it as “one of the five largest houses in England”. The house itself “occupies four acres, surrounded by 26 acres of gardens and fields, and another thousand that make up a medieval deer park.”"
But as we'll see these are not the only haunted influences & weird old school happenings at the manor, oh no we're only getting started. As they say this is only the beginning of eternity. Snap, snap kids!

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