Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Comlink Relic For Your Old School Game Campaigns

Based upon retro engineered recovered alien technology from various crash sites on Old Earth during the 1980 period. The comlink was the standard in Old Earth telecommunications for over forty years. It is a reliable & viable system which forms a non scripted piece of communications & security technology aboard many federation & legion installations to this day.
The Commlock (Portable Communication and Locking Device) is a hand-held, multi-function sensor/computer/transceiver. To many lesser advanced races the artifact can seem almost magickal & indeed has functions similar to many spells
  1. Carried on the belt, it functions as a security key (restricting access to sensitive and command areas) 'wizard lock '
  2. A comlock can work as a transponder (instantly pinpointing the location of its carrier) 'wizard eye'
  3. The comlock has an audio/visual communications unit similar to a  'homing cantrip' 
  4. They also function as electronic security ID badges in many federation & legion complexes or even ruins
  5.  The unit also works as  a programmable mini  computer 
  6. These units can also be programmed to function as a planetary chronograph 
  7. All comlink units are wireless

    Comlocks are reliable with a range of up to almost a light year if the main computer that they are networked with are linked up and functioning. They use high yield lithium ion battery system developed by the Yutani corporation based on recovered alien tech around the beginning of 1980. There are indications of the design going back to Atlantis however and similar designs were seen at some Atlantian complexes and ruins.Comlinks are worth about 80,000 gold pieces & are very valuable because they contain the basic circuit design for many federation & legion technological designs. An identify technology spell is needed to extract this information.

    This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only, there no intention to infringe upon  the trade mark and copy right of the Space 1999 television show.

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