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1d20 Random Ancient Treasures of Underborea Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ancient places & scared sites that people should not go especially adventurers & their ilk. These places are left overs from when the world was turned inside out & things of old Earth come to the surface. Sometimes they are carried by the things of the underworld, demons of old, or the hates from ancient days. Often knights or heroes much be dispatched to deal with this menaces of the underworld. This is a place where the moonlight reveals the secrets of the ages.

"I can picture that party fishing up unhallowed secrets & blasphemous palaeogean artifacts from those monstrous arcades & Cyclopean unlighted crypts."
From A Letter From HP. Lovecraft To  Clark Ashton Smith

1d20 Random Ancient Treasures of Underborea Table 

  1. An ancient chest containing twenty two sticks of fire & hate that will make anyone who comes near them incredibly sick unless a save vs poison is rolled. Deadly predators will be attracted to the smell within a forty yard radius. 
  2. A sword of the ancients that has forty seven glyphes of power on it. This sword will call a random demon if someone approaches with thirty feet of its power. The thing is a +2 sword but it radiates ancient hates & magick causing fear in all creatures lower then 4 hit points. 
  3. An ancient piece of machinery that will create 1d8 small gremlin like creatures that in urn will attract a swarm of 1d20 Lovecraftian ghouls or trolls. 
  4. This ancient chest contains the souls of twenty two ghosts of Old Earthers who desire to steal and swallow any souls they can. 
  5. An ancient horror of pitch, tar, and shoggoth material that wants to eat anyone it comes across. The thing bubbles with the black blood of the Earth & will grow in intelligence with each fool it consumes. Eventually it will be come a 5th level wizard of power and evil. 
  6. Twelve separate statues that are actually figures of power and mystery. They will send one victim 1d20 light years if the wrong word is said to them. They are evil looking things. 
  7. A long tall statue of a women in a strange dress that is actually the resting place for a demon of Saturn. It will try to possess one member of the party to preform its strange and dangerous rites of depravity and insanity. 
  8. A golden casket containing a mummy of Old Earth which will awaken the second this casket hits the ground. There are over 30 pieces of red gold with it that will dissolve any metal that comes within ten feet of this stuff. 
  9. A single golden left that turns anything it touches to silver and gold. The thing will rush around weaving and wandering of its own accord on a planar wind. 
  10. A statue of a demon of Jupiter that wants to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible but it must possess the right people. 
  11. An ancient letter of owner ship reading like a whose who of  notorious murders and psychopaths. The thing will call one psychopathic killer to the owner. 
  12. A large cat's eye that is actually a demon's portal to the underworld. The thing will grow to full size and capture one soul to take to the underworld. 
  13. A flying dagger of Thoth that controls the soul of an ancient demon of Old Earth. The thing wants freedom but most serve the daggers owner. 
  14. A disk of solid jade that is actually a control for 1d20 shoggoths and their demonic master. 
  15. Two ancient gold disks that are the controls for a very nasty version of a large demon from the Dreamlands .
  16. A crystal from an alien dream world that will alter the local time space continuum within a 1d10 miles 
  17. This piece of metal like paper that contains the cooridinates for an ancient toxic waste spell dump.1d20 ghouls will sense the where about of this piece of ghoul history. 
  18. A hand of a lich that has seven rings of power that the owner can activate to use as a wand of wonder roll on appropriate matrix
  19. The head of a sorcerer done in rare metals and crystals which will intone a spell based on one of the forty seven plagues of  Egypt
  20. A control rod for a nearby Star Spawn of Cthulhu 
  One with his fervor shall inform
The world, and one with all his sorrow:
One sees a glad, unsetting morrow,
One hears the whisper of the worm.

Hermes unknown, whose hand assists
My toil, and fills my dreams with fear,
Through thee I am the mournful peer
Of Midas, first of alchemists.

Fine gold to iron corruptible
I turn, and paradise to hell;
In winding-sheets of cloud and levin
A dear cadaver I descry;
And build upon the shores of heaven
Towering proud sarcophagi

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