Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How Will 'The Battle For The Purple Islands Kickstarter' Be Affecting My Campaigns - Actual Play Commentary

The Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence are in my campaigns one of the sources of all kinds of crossover potential because they're adventure location holes in the cheese cloth of the multiverse. So while my campaign of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea has been incredibly active with the islands apparently Venger Satanis the original author has wanted to go back to them.

While my players have managed to escape the islands some months ago, their PC's were incredibly changed by the islands themselves. Remember that this is an 'Adult' title with a completely over the top and gonzo comic book style brought to you by Venger himself. This was one of the reasons why I surprised to see another Kickstarter going from Venger about the Battle For The Purple Islands the basic plot is, 'an OSR scenario of warring factions competing for dominance in a purple world gone mad.'

I was very surprised to see that MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal)  

was already involved in this newest Kickstarter venture from Venger Satanis, because he's got his own Midderlands campaign Kickstarter wrapping up within this week!  Go here To Support It

So how will the Battle For The Purple Islands be affecting my on going campaign? Well let's look into the book's book's background;

"Battle For The Purple Islands will be a 12 - 15 page PDF adventure that uses the purple islands as a backdrop.  While the original book was a hex-crawl full of encounters, scenario seeds, random tables, magic (items), and helpful advice, this will be a specific, focused adventure involving various warring factions competing for dominance in a purple world gone mad... or is that a mad world gone purple?
You see, much of the dark forces reigning supreme over the purple islands were vanquished by adventuring heroes.  They came, they saw, they slaughtered.  A few years went by without incident.  Everyone started coming to the islands after things quieted down - colonists, anthropologists, big game hunters, sightseeing tourists, etc.  But then obscene purple blasphemies deep within the islands began to resurface."

So it looks like there's some solid adventure hooks and plot lines to throw at your OSR players & some really well thought out gonzo weirdness to exploit for your own in home campaigns. The fact is that this can't affect what I've got going on in my home campaigns.

I've been doing what I've been doing for a long time and earlier today I talked about back calling. This is a situation where none of my players or their PC's have even begun to scratch the surface of the islands, the Lovecraftian powers, or the time & space warping plot lines.
So do I think that you shouldn't be supporting the
Battle For The Purple Islands?

No, I think you should be! The fact is we want more OSR material from Venger Satanis. I think that the O5R material is fine but lets face facts, its easier to use material for the retroclone systems that we already own.

So go to the kickstarter open your wallets and support what looks like a great adventure resource coming up!

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