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1d7 Random Relics & Treasures of Beelzebul Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Hashic Vro Tholian occultist looked on the swampland with concern & more then a little fear. Positioned all around the vast & seeming infinity swamp were the wrecks of a thousand flyers from hundred alien cultures.
'What's up with all of the flyers Hashic?' 
'Rel The Strong' the red Martian mercenary spit the words out with a sort of vindictive Martian curse.
'I've seen this type of place before so keep your eyes peeled friend Rel's Hashic Vro occultist and devotee of
Vulthoom was very worried and this worried Rel in turn.
They had ditched the legion forces about one hundred miles back when they found themselves in one of the largest fresh water swamps they had encountered on 'Old Venus'. The water was only ankle high so far but they had encountered Venusian blood words the size of small Martian tharp ponies & throat leeches which made creating fresh drinking water an interesting affair to say the least. 'Com'n on friend Rel we have to make the temple by night fall!!' the occultist's voice was a wee bit panicked as they double timed their movement.
'What do you know that I don't'
Hashic Vro was about to tell his friend about spotting the inscribed  sigil of the old Earth Arch devil Beelzebul.
But his words died in the sound of buzzing wings, wings that only came from giant flies the size of Martian troop transports.
'We have to make the temple!'
'So you have told me but not why?!' words were croaked out of the ragged throat of
'Rel The Strong'.
'They can't cross over their master's unholy symbols & sigils of protection for his worshipers.'
'Well they don't know if we are or are not friend Rel'

That when they spotted the temple with the giant brass fly with a giant humanoid skull for the head of the fly.
'Oh I have a very bad feeling about this Hashic' upon which Rel shoved a new cell into his blaster carbine.

Far into the future of Zothique  Beelzebul the old arch devil had lost his bid for the throne of Earth. The old devil was formerly a leading heavenly angel who was (6.7) associated with the star Hesperus (which is the normal Greek name for the planet Venus (Αφροδíτη) as evening star). He took himself and his followers with him back onto the ancient swamp world of Venus. He had temples built to hit to honor himself in ages past. These temples have fallen into disrepair but usually covered in the wreckage are ancient forbidden technologies and secrets. These sites are guarded by vicious and hideous life forms that are just waiting for adventurers.

The 'Vulth' russ' tells a tale of betray, surrender, and horrid loss on the 'Lord of Flies' part in the great war of Heaven's past. The old enemy of mankind stood his ground even as his lieutenants betrayed him during the final hours of the war causing for him to a series of defeats. First he retired to Mars and secreted many of his most valuable of treasures on 'Old Venus'. Many black sorcerers & wizards come to the planet in the hopes of finding his cult to create a pact with the old arch devil. Adventurers & outlaws from time to time come across his vaults on Mars, out in the Asteroid belt, & On Old Venus

1d7  Random Relics & Treasures of
Beelzebul Table 
  1.  The rod of Beelzebul which enables its owner to summon 1d1o giant flies and also 1d6 giant fly kind monsters. The rod really responds to its master's call and will not produce any monsters to attack him at all. Once per day the thing can act as a contact other plane or speak with the dead as per the spell. 
  2. Statue of the Assassin bug - This strange humanoid statue once per day can summon 1d8 assassin bugs who are members of the local swarm guilds. The statue allows the owner to speak to or through any of the monsters. 
  3. The Tablet of the Buzzing - This table contains over 143 characters and is able to act as a summon monster spell but this tablet contains 1d20 +5 black magic spells which can be used once per day. 
  4. Crystal Shard of the Fly - This strange crystal looks like an alien  seascape in a miniature . This piece of the crystal is actually the spoiled remains of one of the arch devil's eyes from a fallen avatar. The eye allows the owner to contact other plane, cast wizard's eye three times per day and be immune to any gaze attacks. 
  5. Sting of the Lord of Flies - This strangely wrought piece of twisted metal is actually a weapon belonging to one of the devils in the ranks of the Lord of flies himelf. The weapon is a +3 spear. It can be used to pin a human shadow with easy and it act as a weapon against the invisible and those who would harm the masters plans. 
  6. Vase of the Swarm - This strangely wrought vase made of molded reality is actually the resting place for two dozen swarms which can be released in tandem. The vase holds a dangerous flesh stripping swarm of deadly insectoids three times three per day.
  7.  Wrist mounted fly thrower - This device holds six insectoids in sequence and this device will launch them one at a time over twenty feet. These things will make anyone that gets hit by a fly make a save vs wands or be polymorphed into a giant fly under the control of the owner for 1d8 hours. The thrower is cursed however and after 1d6 weeks the owner of the device.

    Against my heart your heart is closed; you bid me go:
    What ways are left in all the world for love to know ?
    Desolate oceans, and the light of lonely plains,
    Dead moons that wander in the wastes of ice and snow—

    These, these I fain would see, and find the splendid bourn
    Of sunset, or the Brazen deserts of the morn,
    That I might lose this ever-aching loneliness
    In vaster solitude; and love be less forlorn,

    Faring to seek with alien sun and alien star
    The strange, the veiled horizons infinite and far;
    Spaces of fire and night, the skies of steel and gold,
    Or sunset-haunted seas where foamless islands are.
    The Exile  (1922) by Clark Ashton Smith

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