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1d6 Random Warped Lovecraftian Elemental Demonic Patrons Table For Your Old School Game Campaigns

Deep in the western parts of the Old Solar System are places with alien has taken root & ancient spirits not seen on Old Earth for a billion years haunt strange woods. There are weird spirits who hunt in the dreams of men & were old when the first stone hinges were reared in decrepit Mu. There are spirits of storm, chaos, & the savagery of the alien elemental forces that still call to men across time & space.

These are twisted semi demonic elemental spirits that dwell between the seasons & the elements. The come when druid or shaman calls them from their hiding places but they are deadly & dangerous beings capacious at the best of times. Still man prays to them and gives them the adoration they seek along with the occasional blood sacrifice to satisfy their whims & deadly natures.
It is said that many of these spirits are the unnatural offspring of  the evil archomentals & the Old Ones from Saturn. Cryonax: Prince of Evil Cold Creatures,Imix: Prince of Evil Fire Creatures  Ogrémoch: Prince of Evil Earth Creatures,Olhydra: Princess of Evil Water Creatures &Yan-C-Bin: Prince of Evil Air Creatures all had a hand in the creation of these strange spirits capable of going toe to toe with with the lesser deity-class creatures of the outer void. It is said that these beings consume the souls and sanity of those fools who use them for perspicacity. A complex variation of a standard summon elemental spell which  will pull a small bit of these demonic spirits essence from where these alien beings to dwell. They are often used not only help bolster the meager resources of interstellar colonies. But to twist the local fauna & flora into usable  & sustainable places. Witches,druids, shamans, often summon these beings as they have for millions of years.

"West of Arkham the hills rise wild, and there are valleys with deep woods that no axe has ever cut. There are dark narrow glens where the trees slope fantastically, and where thin brooklets trickle without ever having caught the glint of sunlight. On the gentler slopes there are farms, ancient and rocky, with squat, moss-coated cottages brooding eternally over old New England secrets in the lee of great ledges; but these are all vacant now, the wide chimneys crumbling and the shingled sides bulging perilously beneath low gambrel roofs."
(“The Colour out of Space”, March 1927)

1d6 Random Warped Minor Lovecraftian Elemental Demonic Patrons Table

  1. Hetheglir & Hathau 'The Twin Evils' - This spirit is often invoked before weddings to insure children of a stout heart and hail body. They are often summoned to help insure a healthy growth season for food production.  These two often watch over the fate of colonies, gardens, farms, & pastures. They guard isolated communities & colonies on the edge of the wild. These two prefer blood and sacrifice to mark the beginning and end of its season. Harvests will increase by 1d100 tons of product under their strange influence. But some children may be marked by mutation or other more disturbing changes.
  2. Maturogllauna The Eyeless Thing - This strange creature is part Yeti & part something semi demonic. This being uses the elemental currents of the air to read the future and forbidden secrets whispered on the wind. It plies its worshipers with a mix of black magick spells & promises along with hints of the future if only they can make the monster's price of a blood pact with it and a sacrifice. 
  3. Wetung The Bloodless Fiend is a creature of the Earth and sky that uses its appearance to frighten worshipers into giving endless rounds of sacrifice. It can grant 1d20 druidic spells and a minor boon in exchange for a life. 
  4. Shaegoro The Ancient Horror - A thing made from parts of other gods & the forgotten life essences of ancient sacrifices. This god is held together by the spirits of dead Atlantian druids. This being grants access to visions of the ancient past. The worshiper can see 1d4 insane visions that might reveal the secrets of the forbidden corners of the universe. This god may also grant 1d4 spells of a rather black nature. 
  5. Vaurgor The Vanishing - This elemental demon is made up of some of the most heinous winds and will blow across the wastelands making room for the 'new' of life. This being will grant 1d4 forbidden bits of wisdom to its patron as it blasts the supplicant's sanity with horrors beyond imagining. 
  6. Thatugwe The Wise - A squat frog like thing of incredible size that will grant 1d8 strange insights to the past. He can also impart bits of ancient wisdom and cause plants within 45 feet of him to wither day and not.

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