Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Spell - The Mists of Vulthoom For Your Old School Campaigns

A radium pistol flew through the low evening air hitting the side of the red stone ruin with a low crack & thud breaking the butt & firing chamber
'Er's Rce' said the 'Rel The Strong' the mercenary Martian warrior in no certain terms.
'We've been on this path for over two days now along the dead sea bottom.'
'There is no way to escape our fate.'
'We're out of ammo, our long swords are broken, face it we should sing our death songs'
There is way out my friend. And with this Hashic Vro Tholian occultist began to intone ancient & forbidden tones from The 'Vulth' russ'. 
Strange green & yellow mists formed around the occultists hands & strange semi molecular fields played through the sub quantum. After a few hours  in his hands was a strange wand of silver & jet.
'Now friend Rel we shall greet our strange guests from the Astral plane in Martian style.'
'A rod of disintegration of the ancient ones?!' 
'Tis a temporary thing at best friend'
The first of the strangely tattooed warriors materialized from thin air in front of the occultist.
'Shoot it!'screamed the low lander Martian
With an incantation of thanks to Vulthoom
Hashic Vro fired the weapon at the on rushing servant of Chaos.

The Mists of Vulthoom  
Level 4
Duration: 1d6 hours 

The caster uses the power of the alien god of Mars to call upon its vast knowledge of forbidden black sciences to summon a temporary object from the god's memory threads between reality. The spell will take two hours to cast as the caster uses ancient alien tones from Martian forbidden book of magick  The 'Vulth' russ'.
The super science relic will be something from a memory of the god (ergo up to the DM) but will be some ancient weapon or object from the past. 
Vulthoom however will have his due from the wizard later on in the form of a favor or some other minor quest. The object will last for 1d6 hours & then vanish into nothingness from whence it came.

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