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1d6 Random Legendary Lovecraftian Hoards Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Between the time when the oceans took Atlantis, the seas have tasted many treasures from across the empire itself. From the hand of outlaw to renegade there have been ancient treasures that have passed across the bloody boards of history.

These items take on a life of their own & are often haunted things of the past seldom does any one person know the full history or extent of the curses that follow these items bloody march down across time.
Many of these hoards of treasure have taken on a life of legend, surrounded by mystery, &  steeped in the blood of countless adventurers.There is often a connection to the Outer Gods, the Great Old Ones or one of the numerous nameless horrors that history & time have forgotten. Often a middle man or middle tier horror is attracted to the aura of death and weirdness that surround these objects. . There will be also 1d6 ghosts or other spirits nearby these things. Perhaps victims of murder or greed chained by the unholy aura of such forbidden relics.

There may be 1d10 artifacts or minor treasures in these hoards that are not made of any Earthly metal or have an alien jewel or two. There is 10% chance of these things have strange & dangerous radiations to humans. PC's should save vs poison or radiation if they are exposed to such things. Check mutation tables if such an occurrence should happen picking the worst result because of the wrath of the Old Ones in such cases. There will often be an undead demonic guardian associated with these horrors and it will have the power of a lich or twentieth level wizard.

1d6 Random Legendary
Lovecraftian Hoards Table
  1. Utry's Hoard - A stack of stolen treasure from Mu that has the blood of five thousand damned souls and the blood of hundreds of pirates from the guilds of Atlantis. This hoard has been the subject of three wars in the past because of the three golden chalices of Cthulhu which are able to summon a hoard of the Deep One priests of the great lord himself. There are over fifty thousand irritated gold coins and trinkets among this hoard.  It will convert over anyone who touches it into a zombie like monster with gills and strange razor like claws unless a save vs death is made. 
  2. Jac'Ob's Damnation - This strange hoard of artifacts were taken by the beings of Ib in one of their wars with Atlantis the hoard is made of several hundred strange coins and weird silver artifacts worth over 600000 gold pieces and there are several super science artifacts among the hoard strange devices that can change a man into a monster servant of the Outer Gods for eternity.
  3. The Pylons of Pvrirus - These pure diamond pylons  each of which is flawless & over 3 feet long grants visions of the planes beyond the Outer Darkness. They are worth 300,000 each because of the pitting & cracking of the forces of cosmic destruction they have endured.There are over 1000 ghosts tied by the forces of damnation and horror that have chained them to these artifacts. Priceless
  4. The Egg of Crus'sri - A fist sized egg like object that was actually a mini  matter/time power station of the Deep Ones that attracts shoggoths because of its history and ties to the ancient horrors. The thing will instantly change anything it touches to platinum only if the artifact is handed to a shoggoth technician otherwise its strange radiations will warp and change anyone it touches in 1d8 hours of hideous mutation and cellular warping horror too painful to watch.  Worth 700,000 gold pieces because it part of an even greater cosmic generator/engine. Usually found in a lead lined box like container.
  5.  The Crown of The Angled Ones - This iron like crown is a conduit for the angled ones to breach our world but its made of pure diamond with a carbon coating that protects it from our reality. The crown has a telepathic spell like ability to hear the thoughts and dreams of anyone within a 3000 mile radius and to grant the insane dreams and forbidden visions of the angled ones. Worth 700000 gold pieces to the cult or collectors of Angled Ones artifacts. 
  6.  Pylons of Truso - A set of gold and brass pylons two feet height that control time and space within a twenty mile radius. These artifacts are a part of a Great Race of Yith device but it has been lost to time & history. The pylons can grant eternal youth or age to anyone touching them but their mind is sucked into the horrors of the void at the end of time where Tindalos itself will view their souls and perhaps feast on it. They are priceless and the cult of Tindalos will murder to possess them. These artifacts might be worth 800,000 gold pieces to a nation state or wasteland wizard.

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