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Relic Living Metallic Tissue Armor For Your Old School Campaigns

One of the rarest relics created by the ancient Hyperboreans was  nanite skin weave mesh armor of the gods. This living metallic tissue armor was created using a vril power source when the Hyperborean super science was at its highest. The armor is made of an alien metallic living lattice that most would mistake for mold or fungus growing on rocks & whatnot in forbidden & dangerous parts of the Underworld. This stuff flourishes under the transcomic blue lights of N'Kai & other places where the strange radiations of the underworld exist. It is said that the presence of Tsathoggua and his other worldly god thing ilk carry with them the necessary transcosmic radiations to allow this stuff to grow and flourish.

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Once it is harvested by the blind priests of Abhoth, Tsathoggua, or Yululun this material is given over to the tender mercies of the witches of the spider goddess Nacha. They weave in the vril powder rich webbing that powers this material & allows it to taken on the twenty two nights of magick & enchantment's rites. These rites awaken the naturally occurring sigils of power & magick built into the structure of the living metal fabric. This grants the material the following spell like abilities:
  1. Nanite skin weave mesh armor bonds with and becomes a part of the living flesh of its owner granting the owner a natural armor class of 6. This protection can not be stacked with any other armor. 
  2. The owner is immune to any mind affecting spells or spell like abilities when wearing the armor as the head piece that grows over the owner's head protects from these types of mind effecting attacks. 
  3. Nanite skin weave mesh armor acts a ring of fire resistance and adaption allowing its owner to survive in space or on other planes of existence. The owner becomes immune to gas attacks or lack of a breathable atmosphere. 
  4. Each week the owner of the armor is able to generate 1d10 tiny mini magic missile like spell effects to attack a target. 
  5. The owner of the armor can instantly command it to cover a body part or other orifice with a good solid thought or command word. 
Many collectors of esoteric items  will give their eye teeth to possess a set of this armor. It often comes in strange aerosol cans of the stuff with a strong and very weird magnetic holding the armor in place. After opening it. The stuff will escape the confines of its container and crawl across its new home namely your PC's flesh. 

After 1d8 days the stuff will have bonded with the flesh of the owner and become a living extension of their body's systems. Unopened cans of this stuff  is worth 700,00 to 900,000  gold  piece per can. Once open the stuff will begin drawing arcane vril energies from the local channels powering the armor with a strange quasi mystic power source good for 1d8 years.. The stuff may give off unusual radiations and strange displays of power causing those in the area to make a wisdom check to see if they notice this strange energy  creeping out of it. The secret to creating this armor through the forbidden twisted rites of the Underworld are said to have been collected in the proto Martian rites contained in the
The 'Vulth' russ'

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