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1d7 Random Treasures & Relics of Old Satan For Your Old School Campaigns

At the edge of a valley on Mars two figures edge along kicking up dust and a cloud of sand upon the back of their lizard horses. They stopped when of the riders nearly broke his mount's leg on a metal object sticking out of the sands. 'Easy girl' was the half voiced & telepathic response as the rider got off & eased his mount. The two riders had gotten turned around in a violent Martian sand storm & found a path into this lesser known Martian  valley.
'Rel The Strong' the red Martian mercenary took his googles and sand gear off to examine the object that almost sheared off his mount's leg, 'She's very lucky, it only took off a bit of hair and scales. But who the hell leaves a brass bladed sword like this out here?' I've never seen a blade like this in twenty years of the trade'.
That's when he uncovered the alien skeleton with dozens upon dozens of cuts through the corpse's chitin exoskeleton & armor. 
"Don't touch that sword friend Rel' the hiss of
Hashic Vro Tholian occultist was like the crack of the man eater whip vines they had faced on 'Old' Venus. Rel got his swords out just as the first warrior covered from head to toe in whirling signs & glowing infernal symbols attacked!
'Where the Jeddak's dagger did he come from!?' the question was answered by the dozens of trap doors in the valley's floor opening letting more warriors pour in on the two adventurers. The lizard horses the first things to go down under the exceedingly sharp brass swords of the warriors. Their cries were unearthly things that chilled mind & soul.

That's when the singing & chanting started along the walls of the valley. The alien signs & symbols etched into the swords began to glow with the cold fires of ancient & dead Hells.
'We've got to leave this valley my friend!' The cuts in the exoskeleton were pulsing with sickly light  in time to the chanting in the valley above them.
The sigil of Satan for all to see was visible to all to see!

On the lonely sands of  future Zothique there stand ancient & abandon temples to the old
"enemy" or "adversary" of creation. The old devil Satan more malevolent entity opposed to the Gods, also called the devil, who possesses abhorrent qualities. He has become even more twisted by time & now is an insane and utterly evil power of chaos. Alone and infecting others with his might, he is a disease on the face of Old Earth & the solar system. He has become an insane devil god of old. Making pacts & feasting on the souls of his followers. He relieves in the violence & power he grants to his followers. Wizards & black priests think of him as a  a symbol of virtuous characteristics & liberty but these have long been shed for the horror beneath. It has become a god of essence reveling in the violence of excess & horrors long past a beast of the wastelands.

The 'Vulth' russ' tells a vastly different story about the bright star & scholar of warriors. This being came from the stars battle scarred & with swords broken. He tempted the  warriors of the old plains with promises of  knowledge & the glories of warfare. Those who serve him serve him in his valley throughout eternity, their pledges of eternal war are etched on their swords & their skin. They are cursed with undeath, damnation, and eternal service. There are those among the wastelands who still spread the word of his cult. Adventurers & outlaws from time to time come across his valley and temples  on Mars, out in the Asteroid belt, & even out in the ancient wastelands & ruined cities on Old Earth.
1d7 Random Treasures & Relics of Old Satan
  1. Lvriel Bracers - These bracers have row after row of inscribed etchings and runes of power that draw from the black blood of the planet. They give the owner a +2 on all melee damage and they're able to hit contra temporal beings. These bracers also give the owner the ability to see 1d4 minor nearby planes but also may 20% drive the owner mad with dangerous visions of insanity. They are inscribed with the runes of violence & excess disguised as a rune of liberty. 
  2. Claws of S'arna - These +2 claws were created using the metal bones of an ancient Martian demon. They still bare the feriousity and violence of that creature scared to Satan. These claws were used to murder many an ancient Jeddak or prince. These claws may be used to slay certain types of minor undead or minor semi demonic kind/. They've been lost to the Martian sands for many centuries. 
  3. Daggers of The Twelve Betrayed Kings - These +2 daggers of Martian design were created by twelve Jeddaks as symbols of their unity and brotherhood but were used by all in a coup for an ancient political assassination. They will warn if anyone close by is planning a murder except if the murderer is a close blood relative. These daggers may once every century be used to summon the beastly prince aspect of Satan. 
  4. The Crown of Knowledge - This crown is actually a repository for the lost knowledge of the scientist king Crusr the Second. The crown contains all his knowledge as the king sold his soul to save his dying father. He himself always had the answer but the old devil took his soul anyway. It will turn its owner into a lich with vast mad science knowledge after 1d8 years of use but this relic has been lost to the old solar system for many centuries. 
  5. The Swords of the Beast  - These are the brass swords of +2 that are forged using the heart blood of the follower who must make a pact with the old devil for their eternal service and black honor. They are seldom seen as those who do are murdered by them. These swords can be used to cut through most mortal substances and the blood of their victims is absorbed by the sword adding their to their terrible power. The owner heals damage quite quickly but begins to take on the characteristics of undeath.
  6. Wands of Brill - These metal wands are created by the blind wizard smiths from the iron of the valley of the lost. They enable one to see any and all of the works of the infernal . Once per day they can cast 1d6 magic missile spells & glow with the power of the Satan. Those who see this light of damnation must make a save vs fear or flee from its power and might. 
  7. Fangs of the Beast - The preserved fangs in metal and Martian ivory of the Martian banth that enables its owner to take on the aspects of the monster. The owner becomes a beast like horror subject to lycanthropy rules and able to track enemies across the wastelands easily. The owner is able to gain a +2 attack against any supernatural horror but is subject to a murderous rage once per day. They are far more prone to the influence and horror of the old devil. At the end of their life their souls are forfeit to the cold hells of the old beast aspect of the devil. 

A crownless king who reigns alone,
I live within this ashen land,
Where winds rebuild from wandering sand
My columns and my crumbled throne.

My sway is on the men that were,
And wan sweet women, dear and dead;
Beside a marble queen, my bed
Is made within this sepulcher.

In gardens desolate to the sun,
Faring alone, I sigh to find
The dusty closes, dim and blind,
Where winter and the spring are one.

My shadowy visage, grey with grief,
In sunken waters walled with sand,
I see- where all mine ancient land
Lies yellow like an autumn leaf.

My silver lutes of subtle string,
Are rust- but on the grievous breeze
I hear what sobbing memories,
And muted sorrows murmuring!

Across the broken monuments,
Memorial of the dreams of old,
The sunset flings a ghostly gold
To mock mine ancient affluence.

About the tombs of stone and brass,
The silver lights of evening flee;
And slowly now, and solemnly,
I see the pomp of shadows pass.

Often, beneath some fervid moon,
With splendid spells I vainly strive
Dead loves imperial to revive,
And speak a heart-remembered rune-

But, ah, the lovely phantoms fail,
The faces fade to mist and light,
The vermeil lips of my delight
Are dim, the eyes are ashen-pale.

A crownless king who reigns alone,
I live within this ashen land,
Where winds rebuild from wandering sand
My columns and my crumbled throne.

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