Friday, July 7, 2017

New Magic Item - The Veriddien Crystal Sphere For Your Old School Campaigns

'You want me to what?' Rel The Strong' the mercenary Martian warrior held both his temper & his long sword in his hands ready for the on coming rush of human warriors. 
'I want you to stab my crystal sphere & break the skein of reality in the localized time/space continuum.' Hashic Vro Tholian occultist asked his partner rather dryly & with a rather pronounced lisp common to Thoulian royals who are a rather small but rich province of the
Toonolian Marshes. 
'This is all because you couldn't handle the science academy & had to go into the occult isn't it. Besides why did we have to steal the old Ancients artifact from the human museum?'
'You never studied did you?'  'And no it doesn't. The humans have no taste & those artifacts didn't belong to them.' 'I liked them'
'Now stab the crystal' 
'You do realize that there is a ph' the words were drowned in a whoosh of atmosphere as the  two adventurers were sucked across the dimensions and the planes. Of course this was just as the human corporate soldiers crossed over the red desert rise.

Created by blind  Aihai mage smiths who  work the crystallized debris from the trans-cosmic cast off of the Great Old One who lives in the Primal Chaos of Mars moon's Phoebes. It is best not to mention the name of this entity of horror & depravity who lives at the center of the underworld of that otherworldly moon. The thing only half exists in our space time continuum. Its crystal skin is fashioned through super science & forbidden black sorceries into living crystal pustules. For seventy two Martian days & nights forbidden words of power are battered against these other dimensional objects. Finally a few drops of sweat & alien blood are added into a forbidden glyph of power that uses the soul stuff of countless explorers & spacers who have fallen to the crystal tendrils of this unnameable thing. Then and only then is it ready for those who have forged pacts of soul wrenching horror with The Sleeper of Ravormos.

And what does the living Veriddien Crystal Sphere do? Not only can it act as a standard crystal ball with other dimensional & planar capabilities. The thing can cast wizard's eye five times per day as a spell like ability. It can and will show 1d20 forbidden Lovecraftian forbidden vistas of reality to any fool gazing into it unless its the owner. The fool must make a save vs wands or be transfixed to the spot unable to look away as their sanity melts into a puddle and they are paralyzed with fear to the spot where they stand gazing into the mind melting sights. Should some fool stab the living sphere it will open a breach in space & time sucking the travelers 1d20 light years away from their present spot. 
Once per day the owner can cast a fire ball spell & see through walls three or more thick. The crystal sphere can also act as a cubic gate three times per week. But there is a terrible price for all of these abilities. The sphere itself is a living part of the god thing it be belongs to and it sees and hears all that its owner sees. It is a hungry & greedy god thing often 20% chance of randomly opening dimensional breach and sucking someone into a dimensional vortex for their body and soul to be consumed. There is a 2% chance that the Great Old One will try to consume the owner.
These artifacts often come up for auction in certain weird & out of the way small communities on the fringes of Mars. Places where both the Red Martians & the Aihai don't care that certain forbidden Martian occult relics come up for sale. The Veriddien Crystal Sphere can fetch as much as 200,000 gold pieces but remember what the owner sees the living master of insanity does as well. There are very few owners who live as the sphere takes full advantage of having access to so many occultists & fools who collect such forbidden relics. Many Martian mages take full advantage of the occult protections found in the The 'Vulth' russ'.

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