Monday, July 3, 2017

Misdeeds, High Weirdness, & A Fourth of July Actual Play Report For Tegel Manor

Tonight's adventure saw our party of Saturday night special Hyperborean adventurers astrally teleporting into Tegel Village after recovering several items from a local pawn broker/jeweler in Brigand's Bay. The Saturday night party upgraded weapons, went up a level, & got some of the skinny on the manor & the other adventuring party along with a bit more about Sir Tristan.

They learned a bit more of just how dangerous the Bay can be in AS&SH, a more wretched hive of scum & piracy you'll never see. The whole place was maze & warren of thieves guilds, brothels, smugglers dens, pawn shops & huge diversity of port side businesses. The place fairly oozed with the influence of the Rumps & their over arching influence in the port city. The location for the Manor is just twenty miles up the coast from Brigand's Bay. Tegel Manor is an adventure location that doesn't obey time, space, or physics as we know them. Its a haunted manor in every sense of the word. A run in with some representatives of the Assassins Guild & some of the corpses of a local cult of Zhothaqquah convinced them to investigate the manor. The corpse of  one of the  priests of the cult had the brass key to the manor secreted on him
One of the PC's purchased the deed to the manor from a local pawnbroker/jeweler along with a variety of relics from the collections of Tegel manor in order to 'return' them to the property.
I really love Tegel Manor because with a bit of time & investment the DM can really keep his players guessing his next move.

There was a run in with some skeletons & a bit more exposition about the manor but not anyplace near the amount of detail that the module provides. I upped the otherworldly/planar aspect of my Hyperborean version of Tegel Manor & had one of the PC's guessing at its location which would change by nightfall the next day! They teleported into the village proper and immediately rescued a villager from an attack by a giant great horned beetle! They managed to dispatch the beetle & found out the person they saved was the local priestess of Thor who put them up in the local temple house.

We ended with the party bedding down with lots of questions about Tegel village & what sorts of unseamlessly secrets are going on just bubbling below the surface.

Ten Ways To Exploit Judge's Guild's Tegel Manor
By Bob Bledsaw Sr. For Old School Campaign Building 

  1. Low turnout for the village of Tegel means that the DM can build and modify encounters as they see fit. 
  2. One of the players is going full necromancer style magick which is not a bad choice for all of the spooks, horrors,etc. in the manor adventure .
  3. Lots of room means plenty of excuses for sticking that nasty and dangerous encounter that you've always wanted to try out. 
  4. Lots of interesting NPC's to exploit and try things on with the PC's at the manor house. 
  5. There are lots of rooms to customize for those D&D DYI encounters. 
  6. Vast stretches of rooms that DM's can stock and fill as needed. 
  7. The village of Tegel is as much of a character as it is manor house. There's more then a few memorable
  8. Is there a treasure that you've wanted to inflict on your players? Stick it in the collections of the Rumps. The PC's are sure to stumble into its gaze. 
  9. There is something seriously wrong with the Rump family. This little 'in' has so many uses for the table top 
  10.  Because of the gonzo nature of Tegel Manor there's lots of opportunity for PC's to stick their necks up into it.  

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